Recently, in a match of CS:GO on FACEIT’s server, a female pro player Sindi was caught using racial slurs.

Quick introduction to Sindi

Sindi was a member of London Conspiracy – a British esports organization. In 2017, at the Copenhagen Games event, London Conspiracy faced Team Secret for the championship but only came home with the second prize.

Team4real Sindi CS:GO
Sindi and her Team4Real teammates - London Conspiracy’s CS:GO roster.

How the incident happened

On May 24th, Sindi and her boyfriend were playing a game of CS:GO when an argument started to occur with the other team. Robiin – a professional player was also in this match.

After a few rounds, a player with the nickname “Melonheadxp” told Sindi’s boyfriend that “his gf has sent nudes to the entire cs community”. He even threatened so share her nude photos with his team’s members. This definitely upset Sindi, leading to continuously racial comments to Melonhead.

Sindi CS:GO Player Racist
Here's some In-game chat log of the match in which the incident occurred.

Right after the game ended, Melonheadxp went on to post more photos. Additionally, after the game, he took the incident seriously and wrote a tweet about it:

Melonheadxd CS:GO
Here's Melonheadxd’s tweet regarding the incident in the FACEIT server.

Sindi's response

Not long after the incident, Sindi released a post to clear out everything. In her post, Sindi told her side of perspective, explained the situation and apologized for such behavior. She also stated that Robiin, Melonheadxp and her were some kind of “truly good friends”.

After everything, FACEIT considered Sindi’s case “communication abuse” and enforced a 3-day ban from the server.

The CS:GO community took this unfaithful incident so seriously, as the game owns has one the biggest pro-scene for female in esports. As for now, people is still throwing shade at Sindi but we are hoping everything will be back to the normal state soon.