A new update has just arrived to CS:GO. This one brings about major changes to the Vertigo map, including its A bombsite. At the same time, this update fixes a bug related to shape of smokes.

Vertigo CS:GO
Vertigo map receives major changes in the latest CS:GO update.

Other than big changes mentioned above, the new update also covers Danger Zone. Specifically, Sirocco and Blacksite are now officially in Danger Zone matches as a map rotation based on time.

On the other hand, the update patches an exploit with the smoke-shifting. Apparently, the exploit was due to a record command. However, after this update, it will only be available in freeze time and warmup. Therefore, no one can use it mid-round and gain an advantage from it again in the future.

Regarding the competitive scene, the biggest changes from the update should easily be the changes to Vertigo and its A bombsite. From now on, the CT side will have a slight edge battling out for ramp control in A site. They moved the cover back and tightened the final ramp, creating a gap in the current wooden wall.

Below are the full patch notes from the update on May 21st 2019:


  • Sirocco & Blacksite now available in Danger Zone matchmaking, being a time-based map rotation.
  • While the jammer is active, radar jammers will block drone pilots with static interference.
  • Reduced drones flying speed while carrying paradrop crates.
  • For options with armor starting quips, you’ll now receive armor as well as a helmet.


  • Updated latest version of SDR libraries.
  • Restricted the beginning of client-side demo recording on exclusive servers to freeze time and warmup.



  • Altered Wingman version for bombsite A usage.
  • Changed Bombsite A.
  • Moved cover on site back.
  • Tightened the final ramp on site.
  • Slightly altered crane position, making surrounding area accessible.
  • Shortened the wood fence, allowing easier control ramp and drop down for CT side.
  • Moved forward the scaffolding in A towards the wall.
  • Included self-boost to concrete formwork in A.


CS:GO Vertigo Sirocco
Alongside Blacksite, Sirocco map is now available in Danger Zone matchmaking.

  • Provided the missing collisions for various window/door frame models.
  • Fixed a stuck spot for players.