Agneya "Marzil" Koushik (born October 31, 1997) is an Indian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro gamer who currently plays for Signify. The team has recently competed in Master League #1 2019 by ESL India and finished top of the chart with 5 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw. Signify is currently ranked among the top contenders in India, having gone to some international tournaments in Asia. We had a talk with the team member of Signify, Marzil, about his path to becoming a Signify member, his teammates, and his future as a pro-Esports gamer.

Marzil Csgo

Marzil began with his decision to become a professional CS:GO player. He started playing CS:GO a few years ago with some players. Later on, he just teamed up with players who wanted him in the squad. Eventually, he decided to compete for teams that paid him for playing the game. He realized his own potential in the game as compared to others and gradually came to the decision of joining the pro scene.

Marzil talked more on his own capacity as a player. For him, to become efficient in the game, one should have a regular practice schedule, decent skills to perform. More importantly, one good player should have the right mentality when coming to the game. We tend to get distracted and disturbed by irrelevant things outside and inside of the game. The trick is to stay calm and focused, leaving unnecessary things out of the game and trying to do the best to win.

Marzil Csgo1 1

When asked about his opinion of his teammates, Marzil summarized each in one word:

  • rite2ace- bubbly
  • yb- Megamind
  • deathmaker- sharp
  • crazyguy- stubborn
Team Signify

Interestingly, he idolized the famous NIP veteran Get_righT and his Indian fellows Aequitas and akS.

Marzil told more of his parental supports when he first showed his gaming passion. Like every other caring family, his parents were hesitant at first about the unproven field he was about to enter. Eventually, with the growth of Esports and his own gaming career, they had come to accept his passion. In the long run, about 10 next years, Marzil hoped to be part of an established organization, either still capable of competing or becoming a coach for the next young generation.

Team Signify
Team Signify win the ESL

Marzil also expressed his view of Indian Esports at that time, he thought "the future is pretty bright". With the growing recognization from society, Esports in India is developing fast, thanks much to the popularity of PUBGM. Eventually, those who know PUBGM would get to try CS:GO, which is the most competitive FPS game. So yes, the competitive CS:GO scene will grow big.

His dream other than Esports is to become a game designer. He also revealed that he was studying engineering that the moment and would take an IT job if all else failed.

He gave some words of advice: toxicity and trash talks from other players are inevitable. Don’t take it personally but try to extract from the criticism which you find worth working on and keep focus in the game. Keep participating in tournaments and try yourself against better players "Getting destroyed by better players is the only thing that’ll help you grow".