The Indian CS:GO scene has not achieved anything significant up until now, not much international wise. After the scandal with LAN cheating and the disband of Optic India, the hope for Indian CS:GO gamers to go international has been rather low.

Global Esports T1to 01
A team meant to bring India CS:GO to the international stage turned out to be a big disappointment

However, there are still Indian teams trying to put Indian CS:GO scene on the map like Signify, Entity and Global Esports. In the recent interview with Global Esports' t1to, we talked with the player about Indian Esports' standing, his goal with Global Esports and his habits with the game.

Global Esports T1to 02
t1to joined Global Esports with the hope of making Indian CS scenes international

To begin the interview, t1to talked about his first career with 2EZ when Tejas ‘Rex’ Kotian invited him to join the team. He instantly accepted the offer to grasp the chance to play with the man he idolized very much. He admitted it was one of his best decisions to join the team. Later on, they continued to seek a higher level of professional Esports and eventually caught the attention of Global Esports. This was a milestone to mark their professional career as an Esports gamer, to prove it a legal profession like any other sports and to gain support from their parents. They also felt at home in Global Esports where they truly "put players first".

Global Esports T1to 06
A new home to make his dream come true

We went on to talk about his ambition with the team, his playing habits and about his favorite teammates. He felt that Indian Esports would go on to establish themselves as the top contender for international competitions. About his own career, he expressed his ambition to bring out the domestic CS:GO to the world stage, and to create a milestone for later generations to follow up. He really loved CS:GO and would not feel happy without it. He played and streamed games a lot. He often kept himself calm before matches and learned to keep stress from affecting him in-game and outside of the game.

Also, when picking teammates to complete the roster, t1to and Rex considered Haivaan, Badman, and HellRanger. Antidote was in the team before getting benched earlier last month and is now loaned out to signify. Antidote is a close friend to t1to but they decided to part ways. Also, t1to said he missed playing with 2 close friends Shinchan and Poki. They are both good in-game and outside of the game friend to t1to but he managed to go on without them to find his feet in Global Esports with many new members. It turned out that he mixed in quite well and formed a strong bond with people here.