In an interview with David "frozen" Čerňanský we learned about the up and coming talent’s decision to join mousesports, the team’s chemistry, and his experience with his team in IEM Sydney. After short runs with some Czech-Slovakian teams and a brief time with NoChance, the 16-year-old youngster frozen got an invitation from mousesports, an ambitious restructured team including the ex-FaZe IGL Finn "karrigan" Andersen.

Frozen And His 01
The Slovakian star joined forces with karrigan in mousesports

Though it has been a short time since the roster stuck together, the rising star showed up a high performance, scoring a 1.30 rating against top teams like BIG and MIBR in IEM Sydney. Up until now, the young player has shown up well, with excellent fragging in Australia where he scored an average rating of 1.30 while facing the likes of BIG and MIBR.

frozen shared his story since he was playing in FPL; many people turned to him as a rising star since he was just 15. He was even mentioned in the Bold Prediction of many players. But ESL changed the rule about the age required to play, leaving him out of many events. Not demotivated at all, frozen was just waiting for the right opportunity to get somewhere while keep grinding with the eXtatus team. After that, he sought new challenges and joined NoChance. And poof, he is already here playing in the IEM Sydney with mousesports.

Frozen And His 03
frozen fought for mousesports in the IEM Sydney event

Asked about the stints with many previous teams, frozen told his stories when going international. His time with local teams was back and forth, roster changes and slumps kept him from finding a stable team. So he decided to turn to international teams, starting from European. His time with NoChance later was good, they had great chemistry and would definitely achieve something. But the problem is that they did not have an organization to help financially. That time, mousesports’ invitation arrived and frozen took the chance to sign his name in the famous European squad’s roster.

Though attending a professional team, frozen still got his school. His daily schedules are “sleep, go to school, and play CS.” He looked to finish school at least while still play in the pro scene. This is very similar to his teammate, ropz.

More on his attending mousesports, he said it was karrigan that first talked with him. The lineup at that time was not finalized yet, and he was not sure about joining either. But after the last name in the roster came up, he accepted it. With many experienced players alongside, frozen felt super good especially with karrigan and the chemistry of the team. He was really comfortable with the team and willing to play any role to score a win for his teammates. The role he is playing now is entry fragger, though it used to be an AWPer. Still, he is pretty confident with AK and AUG for his team.

Frozen And His 02
frozen is willing to do his best for the team

About his expectations coming to this tournament, frozen said that he just played his best. Although they got no much practice before the event, they put up a good fight against MIBR. He expected the team to go far in the latter half of the year or next year or achieve something significant.

Also, he was really relaxed playing against big names, big teams. It was the time with eXtatus that he got used to big stages and LANs. With this view, he felt the need for the team to work on map pool now that Cache was replaced with Vertigo. He was also ambitious to improve his individual level.