For over a year already, Astralis have been dominating the scene of CS: GO competitions. They have picked up 12 trophies from various LAN events. Some of those are the Major back -2 - back wins, ESL Pro League back-2-back win and consecutive wins at finals of ECS season.

Csgo The Plan Of S1mple For Navi To Defeat Astrali
Astralis has picked up 12th trophies from various LAN events

Because this team is so unstoppable, several players like Finn Andersen or ‘Karrigan’  of Mousesports has to ask for the favor from the higher power to help knock the dominant team down. While many teams are training at their best to try catch-up and defeat Astralis of their throne.

The plan for Na'Vi

After the recent IEM Katowice win  Na’Vi team has admitted that they haven't been practicing very much. However, s1mple has come to the rescue with his simple plan to defeat Astralis. And since the Katowice run, the structure has been changed by adding Andrey Gorodenskiy the Gambit  ’B1ad3’ an esports director. s1mple is still working to relishing this change.

Csgo The Plan Of S1mple For Navi To Defeat Astrali
S1mple and Na'Vi won the first time of this year.

In an interview with HLTV, s1mple said “Now, we're trying to get a new system with B1ad3. We'll try to get new people into our team, a dietologist, and a psychologist as well,” and  “ We just want to see what's going to happen when we are at 100% preparation and work that we're going to put in in the next month.”

The role of  B1ad3

B1ad3 is a former teammate and in-game leader of s1mple. He is the one in charge of complete the transferring. He will also be the one to manage and develop Na’Vi’s team. B1ad3 will also be working on to make their schedule full of preparation and notices in the next months.

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This is a similar effort to mimic and catch Astralis, just like when Danes hired a psychologist back in 2017.

This move of Na'Vi is a good one with the intention of making the team as professional as possible. This will help with the long term plan like Astralis used to do when they hired dieticians, physiotherapists to help them plan.

Which team will be able to take down the dominant Astralis is still to be seen. However, Na’Vi is going in the right direction for now.