Memes are now becoming an indispensable part of the Dota 2 community, especially when they are about the professional players.

Would Arteezy like to have a good view of the scene?

A new meme has come to Dota 2 community earlier this 2019: Clifteezy. This meme started on the Chonquing Major, in the match between EG and Secret. Arteezy, the carry of team EG, was playing Terroblade. Later in the match, in one combat near The Radiant's tier 2 tower, he got pushed to a cliff by Dark Seer's Vacuum and tried to use his Town Portal Scroll to get back into the fight.

Unfortunately, his Black King Bar was not activated, and that led to a crucial moment that Secret, who always keeps their eyes on the whole situation, stunned the Canadian professional Dota 2 player, leaving him stuck on the cliff. All Arteezy could do afterward was watching his teammate fell one by one before facing death himself.

But the meme lived longer than that. Dota 2 fans have witnessed another "cliff moment" of Arteezy at the DreamLeague Major in March. This time, Artour used Ursa against Keen Gaming. He rushed to the combat after buying back, only to find himself being knocked up to the Dire jungle cliff by a Blinding Light.

At the Disneyland Paris Major, as a way to prove their friendship, SumaiL - the mid-laner of team EG - also had his moment on a cliff while engaging in a combat. He blinked to that cliff on purpose, trying to take advantage of the high ground. However, with that intentional move, he was also trapped in the Monkey King ultimate.

Sprouteezy is where it starts

The Cliffteezy meme is considered an evolution form of the meme named Sprouteezy, which was created three years ago at the Shanghai Major. That time, Artour used Sven, also facing Team Secret who were marching powerfully to EG's base. He picked up two rapiers in a hopeless effort to defend their base from Megacreeps. With his Black King Bar ready, Artour was determined to go wild on the Radiant base. Unfortunately, Misery from Secret was waiting with his Sprout to entrap Arteezy within trees, totally prevented him from touching anybody and won the game for Team Secret.

It takes more than just one moment for a meme to keep it alive, so there was a second moment happened between Sven and Trees that bonded Sprouteezy to the minds of Dota 2 fans. Later on the same Shanghai Major, Arteezy was separated from his teammates again by the Liquid member Mind Control's Furion.

The funny thing is, Artour has some times playing Furion, but his plays have never worked out against other players' Sven.

Original Story

Things do not always happen this way, of course. Actually, the most exceptional "cliff moment" in Dota 2's history was featuring Arteezy but in his favor. At StarLadder 12 four years ago, when Artour was a member of Team Secret, in this classic match against team Moscow 5, Spectre by Arteezy was attempting to escape from Tuskar's level 1 Snowball and accidentally pulling 4 out of 5 Moscow 5's members to the Dire cliff. They were stuck there until the laning phase begun while Arteezy could not help laughing.

Thanks to u/gregfromjerse who dug up this golden clip:

Despite the fact that Arteezy always has to face these jokes, Evil Geniuses now looks strong with a record of 8-2 in the groups and later finished as runner-up, losing to Team Secret at ESL One Birmingham. Obviously, Artour is one of the most talented Dota 2 professional players at the moment, and his biggest goal so far is probably the champion of The International - the annual tournament for Dota 2 pro scene which will take place in Shanghai this year.

We have EPICENTER major ahead to enjoy EG's performance. Stay tuned and check out our Dota 2 category for more information!