Great news is coming for the university students in India who love CS:GO and wish for a professional competition for this game. There will be a CS:GO Championship between universities all over the country on March 29th to March 31st.

This championship is hosted by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Elite Esports of India and SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai. And this great news is not for boys only: this tournament will feature the same number of all-girls teams and the all-boys teams.

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Information on the tournament

Specifically, this tournament will have two separated divisions: one will have 12 all-boys teams and the other will have 12 teams with only girl members. The league round and the semi-finals of the tournament will be taking place on March 29th and March 30th. After two days of extreme competition, two best teams from 2 divisions will face each other in the final, which will be held on March 31st.

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There will be 12 all-girls teams in the tournament competing for the first place

The venue of this inter-university CS:GO Championship will be the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai city. All the matches in this competitive gaming championship will be livestreamed on Facebook for every fan to watch. The live stream will be on the official Facebook page of the organization. You can check out its Facebook fanpage now for more information.

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The tournament is expected to be huge and crowded

The best thing about this championship is that some best players of the championship will be chosen for Elite X - a USA esports organization. This will be the motivation for all boys and girls to compete with 120% of their capability in this championship.

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Elite X

The organizer of this championship is Elite Esports of India. This esports organization has successfully hosted a few esports championship for colleges in the past and is a part of the Sports Industry of India Inc. - a company which is trying to completely improve the way university sports are being played in India. One ambitious attempt of the Sports Industry of India Inc. is esports, of course.