Esports can hardly be called a new phenomenon in the world. Back in 1997, the CPL, a professional esports league, appeared in Dallas, USA. She also began to host the first Quake tournaments. Then games such as Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3, StarCraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends appeared. Their popularity made it possible to host larger championships in different countries. Over the years, the excitement around such tournaments intensified, the prize money grew, ordinary gamers became cyber sportsmen.

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The annual esports championships are watched by millions of fans, and players, if they win, become stars. For example, a couple of years ago a South Korean team called Samsung Galaxy became the winners of the League of Legends tournament. These are professional players from the well-known Korean company Samsung, which produces smartphones and other electronics. In general, South Korea is a country where esports has long been at the state level and where laws governing the actions of gamers are passed. Here in universities, in particular, at Chung-Ang University, which is one of the ten best higher educational institutions in South Korea, cybersport is taught along with other traditional sports. The country also has eSports academies that accept students from the age of 12.

Esports can hardly be called a new phenomenon in the world.

Most often, e-sports programs completely repeat the structure of student traditional sports. For a team to represent an institution, all team members must study in one location. That is, a transfer to another student club implies that the player will also change the university. Therefore, they are provided with free tuition, additional scholarships, and other bonuses. In total, over 30 educational institutions in the USA support local teams. The first was Robert Morris and Pikeville Universities. In 2016, the University of California, Irvine awarded scholarships for the League of Legends team, and a year later provided benefits for the Overwatch roster. In the same year, the private university of Lourdes introduced an esports program to attract interested players to the local club. But in order to receive a scholarship, you need to remember about studying in college, so college essay writing service will help you with your studies.

Private Ashland University has begun recruiting students for eSports teams across a variety of disciplines. In parallel with their studies, they will train in a specially equipped center and receive scholarships for this up to $4 thousand per year.

Syracuse University in New York will launch a course on eSports and media from the new academic season. What is its essence? Students will study the history of the development of esports competitions, from its very beginning, fast LAN tournaments, to the transformation into a large multi-billion dollar industry. The course of the program was developed with the support of the School of Public Communications of the University. The popular streaming platform Twitch was also involved in the pilot project. She will help the university deliver lectures, and will also create a dedicated channel for students to broadcast live.

Syracuse University
Syracuse University in New York will launch a course on eSports and media from the new academic season

Another pioneer in this direction was the Spanish Institute of Jurisprudence and Economics. He launched a master's program to train professionals in the esports industry. The educational institution invited the organizing company DreamHack as partners, and the course teachers will be Alexander Kokhanovsky, head of Natus Vincere, and Ralph Reichert, executive director of ESL.

The University of California is offering the Irvine eSports Scholarship. He is recruiting some of the best players in the world and is offering a scholarship to enter the Eater Nation. This is to make it easier for students to participate in various aspects of the gaming world, such as graphic design, video production, game development, and so on.

The University of Utah is offering the League of Legends Scholarship. He sponsors a varsity esports program with a player participating in the Varsity League of Legends. Participating students will receive partial scholarships as one of the goals is to develop the program to the point that participants out of about 35 can receive a full scholarship. To participate, you must contact the on-site scholarship committee.

The eSports club at Maryville University offers a competitive yet friendly gaming environment. Players are allowed to hone their skills with the help of some of the best players in the country, as well as receive professional league preparation assistance from university staff. ESports members are eligible for a $ 2,000 scholarship.

And last but not least, Stevens College Esports Scholarship for Women, Stevens College is a member of the National Student Esports Association (NACE), and the first collegiate college dedicated to the entire women's esports team and scholarships.

University leagues and esports tournaments are at least a way to gain experience and, possibly, show yourself in front of professional teams, without interrupting your thesis. In the United States, student-athletes receive contracts from large clubs from traditional sports immediately after graduation. It is quite possible that with proper support from educational institutions, this will appear in eSports. In the future, tickets to higher-level championships can be added to the prize money of student competitions. And from there, with the proper perseverance and skills, the professional scene is just a stone's throw away.