In this year 2019, especially during E3 2019 convention, we have seen the single player genre thriving with a lot of AAA titles being introduced: Cyberpunk 2077 with Keanu Reeves himself showing up on the stage of E3, Dying Light 2, Watch Dog Legion …. But those AAA titles cannot bring the death to the battle royale game genre, especially the game PUBG.

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Great single player titles do not mean there is no more place for battle royale genre

Recent reports from SuperData has indicated that people all around the world have spent $8.7 billion dollars (about Rs 60300 crores) for gaming in all PC, consoles and mobile platform. Although this is a huge number, this figure is still 4% smaller than the number of gaming spending in May 2018. The famous battle royale game Fortnite is one of the games that have seen a decline in revenue. In comparison with May 2018, the revenue of Fortnite in May 2019 goes down by 38%, standing at $203 million dollars (about Rs 1410 crores) in all three platforms of the game.

Fortnite's revenue goes down dramatically in 2019

However, the reports have also shown that the title PUBG is getting quite a lot of income since the beginning of 2019. Although this game has been pretty quiet in 2019, it still can gather more than 4.7 million copy sold in 2019. With the price of $30 dollars (Rs 2078) for a copy, this means a great income for PUBG, and that is the income from selling the game only. The market for battle royale genre is getting smaller, and we have had a few new battle royale titles introduced in 2019 like Apex Legends. But PUBG still proves to be an irreplaceable game nowadays.

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Nothing can bring PUBG down