Are you excited? Because that is exactly how I am feeling right now. No one could have expected that another huge update is about to come within just such a short amount of time after the big #30 Update. This update will come with the Season 4, the first themed season of PUBG and a beautiful cinematic trailer. Let first enjoy the Season 4 Cinematic Trailer before going through the upcoming changes.

Along with Season 4, PUBG gives us a glimpse at the history of Erangel through the trailer and the future direction of the game. Apparently, there used to be a war going on in Erangel. And the kid, who suffered that war in the past, has now become the host of the deadly 100 man battle royale in the very same island.

From Season 4 going forward, PUBG will bring new contents and updates that revolving around the season. For now, you can test the update in the Test Server. The update will come to the Live Server in 24/07. Here are the main changes that you should know in this upcoming update.

Erangel Visual Update

Erangel, the first map of PUBG, has always been the favorite map of most PUBG players. Which is the reason why Erangel will be the main focus in Season 4. The map is going to have a major visual update and secrets to discover. Let take a quick look at how some areas are going to change.

Map1 1023x288
Military Base

Map4mansion 1023x288

Map7beach 1023x288
The Beach has some barrier now


For the new Season 4, PUBG has listened to the feedback of players and rebalanced many weapons and items, and even vehicles.

Weapon & Item Balance Update


Massive New Patch Erangel V2 Major Weapon Changes
Shotguns were buffed with increased damage and improved duckbill

Damage per pellet of all shotguns was increased by 2 and Duckbill will distribute bullets vertically, making it easier to kill people with a shotgun. It seems that PUBG is trying to advocate people to use shotguns more in close-quarter combat.

Shoguns' bullet can only travel to a max distance of 150m instead of 1000m.

Assault Rifles

The base damage of Beryl M762 was reduced by 1 and the base damage of all other ARs was reduced by 2. This is actually a huge change, and it will definitely affect how people play the game in the future.


Massive New Patch Erangel V2 Major Weapon Changes
Uzi will be able to use Red dot and Holographic

The effective distance, Torso damage and Limb damage of all SMGs was increased.

You can now attach Red Dot and Holographic Sights to Uzi.

Sniper Rifles

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M24 was always the better choice over Kar98

Kar98 damage was increased from 75 to 79 and the base damage of M24 was reduced from 79 to 75. Now players will have to choose between the greater velocity of the M24 or the greater damage of Kar98. Both of the snipers will still be able to one-shot an Lv2 helmet.

Buff healing items

Massive New Patch Erangel V2 Major Weapon Changes
You can use healing items while moving now

You can now use heal items and moving at the same time. Although you can only walk while doing it, this is still a huge change. Also, Bandages will be used automatically until your HP reaches 75%.

Other Changes

The enemies can no longer enter your BRDM-2 anymore if any player of your team is in the driver seat. Also, the BRDM-2 will receive more damage in Solo and Duo mode.