Are you a new PUBG Mobile player? Are you having problems with enemies just killing you over and over? Do you wish to improve your gameplay but have no idea how? Then look no further – Here are some essential things that would help you on your first months of PUBG Mobile.

Headphones are very crucial

Anything would work. It doesn’t have to be an RGB gaming headset – you only need a headphone with a mic. With a headphone equipped, your spatial awareness would be improved - you would be able to predict other player’s location based on sounds such as gunshot, vehicle…..

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Vehicle sounds that could be taken advantage of

Make use of your microphone

Communicate with your teammates. The option to switch between ‘team’ and ‘all’ is located on the left of the mini-map. It is vital to coordinate with your mates in order to gain the upper hand over the enemy

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 5
Assaulting a location with your mates

Take notice of the mini-map

It would show you the location of certain sounds like footsteps, gunshots and vehicles. This is crucial in planning your next move. Should you set up an ambush or hide? Engage or Flee? That’s up to whatever info you just received.

It should also be noted that the noise made by your teammate does not show up on the mini-map in order to leave out false alarms

Communicate with your teammates

Try to land carefully

If you are new at the game, try to avoid landing in any of the popular spots. Pick a small area with a few houses – that would give you the opportunity to stock up on weapons and ammo without danger. You won’t be getting the best weapons possible, but that still beats dying in the first 5 minutes of landing.

Pubg Savage Map7
Know where to land on the map

Check for people

Try to scope out the area for people before entering. You should keep an eye out for opened doors and wrongly parked vehicles. Those are the signs that people were there (or are still there). Make your approaches to any areas with caution.

Qbu Pubg Sanhok 2841
Scout the area with a scope

Organize your inventory

Try to get rid of anything you do not need. You should probably drop those items to make space for later. Saving some items is not a bad idea; however, if you are planning on changing your loadout soon.

509828 Pubgmakingofsanhok
Taking cover and check out the area

There is pretty much no use for Shotguns and Pistols

Shotguns have next to no range, and in a game like PUBG in which long-ranged combat happens quite often, you probably should stick with rifles. Pistols are the same – low damage, low effective range. The only pistol that’s worth mentioning is the Flare. You would get a crate drop firing that into the sky.

Only use those weapons when there is nothing else.

Pubg Weapons
Know your weapons is the first step to victory.

Know your weapon

Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its strengths and weaknesses. Here you can learn about the best guns in PUBG Mobile. The most crucial thing that beginners need to know is the effective ranges of guns:  Submachine guns like the Vector and Uzi are good for short-to-medium ranges. Assault rifles like the M16 are versatile weapons that can engage at any ranges. Those are the weapons that a beginner should aim to get.

If you want to try your hands at sniping, DMRs like the Mini14, SKS and SLR are great choices for new players due to their quick rate of fire.

Lastly, LMGs like the DP-28 and the M249 are very overpowered weapons, with the M249 being airdrop only. They are pretty good so its best to pick them up whenever possible.

Pubg Lite Ultra Graphics Gtx 1050ti 4gb 7 53 Scree
It took a lot of skill to use a sniper rifle

Be smart when trying to escape

Try to always stay in the safe zone. If you find yourself outside of it, make haste. Try to find a vehicle, and if you cannot, sprint. Firstly, you would have to check the mini-map to see how far away the white line is.

Wait for a moment to try to pick off other players who are trying to exit the blue zone is also a valid strategy.

Pubg Gunfire Sound System Had A Huge Change And No
Picking off people who are trying to run

Should you go prone or not

It is tempting to go prone when you are shot at but that would leave you slow and vulnerable. To new players, it is best to run away in random patterns. The first objective when retreat is to get some cover between you and the enemy. After that, you can choose either to heal and engage or retreat.

Pubg Qbu Dmr Reveal Capture 3
Going prone is a great choice despite its disadvantage

Keep your health up

Try to keep your health at 100 if you are able. Health kits and bandages can take it up to 75 – and 100 could be achieved with another energy drink or painkillers.

Pubg Mobile To Combat Unhealthy Gaming Habits 2
Managing equipment and heal

These are some of the things that beginners should take notice when playing PUBG Mobile. Hopefully, these bits of advice would aid you in getting your first chicken dinner.