While playing Solo in PUBG Mobile seems like the best option for people who play the game alone, Solo mode can be very random and require less tactic. If someone found you by accident, you'll likely to die and that's it, game over. In Squad, you got your teammates to cover you and revive you if some unpredictable things happen.

Your teammates can revive you after you get knocked out

However, not everyone has friends who also play PUBG Mobile or simply they can't play at the same time frame every day. And for some other people, they just want to have that wonderful feeling of winning the game with 3 other random people that they barely know.

If you have played random Squad before, you know that it is really hard to make things work out. Maybe you will get lucky with good teammates from time to time, but most games are just sad. Here are some of the tips that I have learned the hard way that you might want to know to increase the winning chance of your random Squad.

Choose the location before the game starts

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Don't wait until the game start to choose your location

Before every game, you will have about one minute before everyone gets on the plane. Don't waste this precious time to run around punching people like in Solo. You should try to talk to your teammates or at least tell them where you want to go by pinging on the map. If your team hasn't decided where to go by the time you are on the plane, your options will be limited and your team will have little time to prepare. Sometimes, people will even go their own separate ways and that'll be an almost a guaranteed loss for you.

Stick together

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Try to stick with your teammates

What the point of playing Squad if your teammates are not together. You won't be able to save anyone when they are down or back them up in a crossfire if you guys are not closed to each other. And by "closed" I mean a few meters from each other, not across the other side of Pochinki. If your Squad are all over the place already, at least, what you should do is following the closest member to increase both of your surviving chance.

Splitting up

You can use multiple vehicles as covers or blockages

I know that I just said but let hear me out first. While sticking together will give you a lot of benefits, sometimes you have to split up. Splitting up in many cases will help your Squad from getting trapped behind one big rock or in a building. Or when your Squad is moving, try to use as many cars as possible since it is harder to focus down many vehicles at the same time. Your team can also use the vehicles as covers in later circles. In a fight, you can have one of your teammates flank the enemies to have a clear shot angle.

Sharing equipment

Sharing is caring

If your Squad survives the initial phase, most of you should have decent gears already. However, if you found a spare high tier item like an LV3 vest, strong weapons,... let them know. You can ping, use voice chat, or even make some noise with your gun to catch their attention.

Do not try to take on many Squads at the same time

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Only engage 1 team at a time

Just don't, even though they are hundreds of meters away, splitting your firepower won't help you actually kill anyone. Furthermore, you are exposing the position of your team and might get yourself killed or worse.


Winning the game with a random Squad is the best feeling ever

When playing with random Squads, you will find yourself in a bad spot for most of the time because not all players know how to play Squad. However, by doing these tips, your team will at least survive until the late game with the least casualty possible and have a meaningful match.