DMRs ( Designated Marksman Rifles) is a type of weapon in PUBG Mobile. You can expect them to be something between Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle categories. While most of them don't have an auto mode, they can shoot faster than Sniper Rifles. They can hit harder than Assault Rifles but they have an insane recoil with a smaller magazine. For most of the time, you will see people using them as an alternative to a Sniper Rifle in medium range combat rather than a close-range weapon.

Here is the list of all DMRs in PUBG Mobile.


The VSS is definitely the worst DMR

The VSS is the weakest out of all DMRs, so weak that most people have never picked it up at all. It has only 41 damage per hit, weaker than every Assault Rifle, and only has 10 bullets per magazine. Still, the VSS has its own place in the early game because of the fact that the VSS has a 3x scope and a silencer attached to it. While the auto-fire mode doesn't really add up with a 10-round magazine, you will still have enough damage to burst down an enemy quickly in close-range.

Mini 14

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The Mini 14 has great stability and low recoil

The Mini 14 is a DMR that uses 5.56 mm rounds. Although having low damage per hit of 46, it has great stability, bullet speed, and low recoil when compared to other DMRs, making it the favorite weapon of many people. The gun has 20 rounds by default and can be extended to 30 rounds by using an Extended Mag. The biggest disadvantage of the Mini 14 is its effective range. The weapon's damage will start to fall off after 90m and reach the minimum damage at 420m so it is not a very effective weapon in long-range combat.


Qbu Pubg Sanhok
QBU is the replacement of Mini14 in Sanhok

The QBU is the exclusive weapon that only appears in Sanhok. It has slightly higher damage than the Mini 14. However, it comes with a bipod, which significantly reduces the recoil when prone. The QBU replaces The Mini 14 in Sanhok so it has all other features the same as the Mini14.


Sks With Vertical Foregrip
The SKS lacks stability

Using 7.62 bullets, The SKS hit pretty hard with a respectable effective range of 150m. However, this gun has low stability and high recoil which compensate for the high damage of 53 per hit. Out of all DMRs, the SKS has the most attachment slots including Grips, Magazines, Stocks, Muzzles, and Sights, which greatly increase the reliability of the weapon.

The SKS has 10 rounds by default and can be increased to 20 rounds with an Extend Mag. The bullet drop won't be significant within the 400m range so you don't have to worry too much about adjusting your scope. In order to use this weapon effectively at long range, you need to make sure that you hold your breath to make it more stable.


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The SLR has great damage

The SLR is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile due to its damage. With 58 damage per hit, you only need 2 headshots to take down a player with a Level 2 Helmet. However, while having more stability, this weapon has more recoil than the SKS, so it going to take a little while to get used to it. As for the effective distance and bullet capacity, the SLR is the same as the SKS.


The MK14 is the deadliest weapon

As one of the weapons that can only be obtained from crates, the power of MK14 is on a different level. Firstly, it has an auto-mode with 61 damage per hit, which can vanish any player before they can even notice. Secondly, it has a built-in bipod, which compensates for the high recoil.

Using 7.62 bullets, it has a standard 10-round magazine and can be upgraded to 20. The MK14 can deal the maximum damage within the 120m range and hit the minimum damage past 488m.