PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (PMCO 2019) is one biggest PUBG Mobile events in the year with the prize of up to $180,000 for the champion. There are still 5 slots left in the finals in Berlin for the top 5 teams of Prelims finals so PUBG Mobile has held a new event to see who is the most favorite player in the Prelims rounds.

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PMCO Voting Event prizes

By picking the right person, you will get some exclusive rewards at the end of the event which is a PMCO airplane skin, a Headgear Glasses, a Retro Dance Set Outfit, a PMCO parachute.

How do you participate in this event?

Go to the event page and pick your favorite players

If you want to join this event and win cool prizes, you need to follow these steps:

-Go to the official event website here.

-Browsing through the teams and pick your most favorite player and click "Vote Now."

-After that, you will have to log in. Just enter your Game Name, Game Id, Email into the required fields then you are good to go.

-The reward is going to be sent to your in-game mail if you win the event. You also should take a look at the event rules below before you enter the event.

You will be asked to log in

PMCO voting event rules

Make sure you have read all the rules of the events

-1 player can only vote once every day.

-The Voting will close at 10 am on July 28 with the result being announced later on the same day.

-You only get the prizes for voting for the most favorite player. You can only vote once per day, so let hurry and vote now before the event end.