PUBG Mobile’s popularity continues to surge as Nagaland creates its first tournament of PUBG Mobile – which includes gamers from Nagaland and surrounding states in the Northeast Region of India.

There were also individual awards for aspiring players as well – with MVP players earning themselves top money. Shin (RGC) gets Rs 5,000 while Gyro San (WELP) and Magnus (Bobo) each get Rs 2,500. According to various sources, the tournament saw participants mainly from Diphu and Shillong, along with players from Dimapur, Mokokchung, and Kohima.

Pubg Nagaland
A squad in the competition

The tournament is organized by Life Now Events, with 100 participants divided into 20 squads. Among them, team RGC was hailed as the champion – they won the prize money of Rs 80k. Bobo and WELP came second and third, getting Rs40k and Rs20k respectively.

This first PUBG Mobile tournament hosted in this region is most likely a great boost to mobile gaming. The aim of the tournament was to enable the “other side” of mobile gaming in which players could be able to establish a career by becoming a gamer, a content creator,  an app developer or even a mobile tester.

1552473820 Urjlbw A Player Playing Pubg Mobile
A player playing PUBG Mobile

According to Life Now Events’ director Atsung Jamir, the biggest problem that they have to deal with was connectivity issues. Due to the problem with establishing connections, the expenses spent were doubled. While PUBG Mobile has experienced a lot of attention from all over the country – the aim of the tournament is to display the appeals of mobile gaming related industries. With these insights, enthusiasts would be more interested in joining the company by becoming an end-user like pro gamers or testers or back end users like developers.

There are just so many good mobile gamers from Nagaland and the future of Pubg is pretty great in the region. More tournaments would be held soon.