PUBG has been a monumental achievement in the Indian gaming community. Since the start of PUBG in India, the people have shown a lot of love for the Indian PUBG streamers like Dynamo Gaming, MDisCrazyYT, CosmicYT, Carryminati, Soul Mortal, Kronten Gaming.

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Indian YouTubers who stream PUBG

A common topic of discussion among the youth of India is how these Youtubers are getting more and more subscribers and views. The amount of PUBG fans in India has become so big that they help the Youtubers become a kind of celebrity, with their own fan following. Their earnings are not something that could be overlooked – more than a lot of other jobs. Based on some insider sources, all of them get a lot of money per month, much more than 80k.

In the past, hardly anyone knew their names. Before PUBG no one knows who these guys are. The game is probably the only thing that elevates these guys to celebrities' level. They have been making a lot of money from various sources and contracts due to their giant fanbase and constantly making new content.

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Some of the best PUBG players on youtube. Amongst them, mortal is the best, as he is the leader of team SOUL

Gunshot, Dynamo, and CarryMinati have been featured on Tech2 – to discuss about Indian content creators and their chances to play with famous celebrities. some even get to act in movies and stuff. Overall, Mortal is probably the best.

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Some PUBG India streamers are even participating in a global competition like pubg mobile star challenge.

Dynamo gaming is the YouTuber with the highest subscriber count. The current stats of some Indian streamers are:

Dynamo Gaming - 4,610,489 Subscribers

CarryisLive - 2,363,744 Subscribers

Soul Mortal - 2,557,383 Subscribers

CosmicYT - 678,503 Subscribers

MDisCrazyYT - 540,093 Subscribers

Let’s help them grow into a much larger scale by subscribing.