The staple mode of every FPS is a big part of PUBG Mobile. You might think Team Deathmatch is too simple for any strategy to be useful, but that is where you are wrong. This guide would help you understand everything about this mode and how to rule over it.

Pubg Mobile Warehouse Flyover 780x405
The Warehouse map from above

About the Map:

The Warehouse of Team Deathmatch mode is the smallest map in PUBG. Each team starts and respawns in their respective building on two sides of the map. There are a lot of weapons and ammunition stacked in the spawn point – and to avoid enemies camping the respawn point, players would get a brief period of invincibility inside it. However, if they leave the hut, it would be deactivated.

Outside of the hut are train carriages and storage containers placing strategically, with crates and barrels to take cover behind and climb on top of. At the middle of the area is the overpowered M249 LMG that any player would want to grab.

Pubg Mobile Tdm Warehouse Map 942x1024
The Warehouse Map of TDM mode

Without cover on every side, it is very unlikely that you would find any targets in the warehouse. Smart players would not stand in the open – they would try to ambush you instead. The lumber houses on the left and right side of the maps are where most enemies would show up. Some will crawl on the top of the train near the spawn point to snipe, but don’t worry about them.

Rules for the game mode:

Team Deathmatch is a simple game of kill or be killed. It’s 4 vs 4, and the first team to get 40 kills wins. Respawning is instant and you won’t stop playing until the match is over. TDM is the most simple FPS mode there is – a staple in any FPS, for players who just do not have much time for a proper round or of tactical planning. It might sound simple but if you have the wrong mindset, your team’s progress could be dramatically hindered.

Weapons & Gear:

You get to pick your loadout at spawn, however, there aren’t many choices in TDM – including weapons like shotguns. You would find four rifles on one side of the hut, and a few SMGs on the other. The central table contains six weapon attachments, including scopes, grips and stocks.

Pubg Mobile Tdm Warehouse Sniping
Trying to grab the M249 if possible

Everyone starts with the same armor equipped: the level 2 helmet and body armor. With that, there are no special advantage or disadvantage to anyone – you can still instant kill people with a headshot using the right gun.

Suggested strategy:

As I have stated above, playing team deathmatch without the right strategy is a sure-fire way to give your enemies the advantage. With respawn enabled in Team Deathmatch, people usually rush out of the door recklessly without planning ahead - which leads to a quick trip to the grave. Players should treat this as the normal Battle Royale Mode – value their life, pick their battles and advance cautiously. Failure to do this would definitely lead to an unseemly defeat.

Pubg Mobile 4v4 Deathmatch 10 770x1440
Move cautiously and scout for the enemies


Team Deathmatch is a fast-paced chaotic fight, and while running carelessly into the other team is not advised, camping is not a good idea, either. It’s best to advance slowly and listen to the enemy footsteps. If you just got out from a duel without finishing your enemy, retreating is recommended. People would expect you to stay there and continue the brawl. Get to another spot overlooking your previous position, and 5 times out of ten, the previous enemy would bite the bait. People love to assume a camper on every position – you need to anticipate this and have them playing into your hand.

Pubg Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode 2
Retreat back to safe zone after a fight

Furthermore, sprinting mindlessly into enemy sight is not how you are supposed to retreat. Just walk away carefully and reload when you are undercover. Some people just reloads whenever possible, and that is not recommended in deathmatch. Enemies could pop out at any time and if your hands are still full at reloading, you would be a sitting duck.

Know when to back down

Your HP would regenerate outside of combat, which means that you would be able to recover from any kind of confrontation as long as you survive.

With every single point making a difference, it’s important to keep a clear head. If you just got out from a duel with an opponent and manages to get behind cover – calm your urge to poke out your head for fights. Just reposition and heal – it is not worth it to risk your life to chances. More often than not, your head would be blown away the moment you stop thinking clearly and just go with the flow. You are better off retreating to heal and find another easier target to take on.

Pubg Mobile 5 Meo Huu Ich Mang Lai Hieu Qua Cao Tr
Know when to run from a fight

Weapon modding

Just use whatever you are most comfortable with. However, the small map means that 4x scopes are not ideal for most encounters. You would be better off sporting a 2x scope for any of the lower recoil weapons. To high recoil weapons like AK47 and UZI, a Red Dot Sight would be the most effective choice.

Pubg Mobile Team Deathmatch Mode 1
Using High recoil weapon with a correct weapon attachment.

Go for the big guns

The M249 is the best weapon in the game for a reason. In the right hand, it can easily be used to rack up a 4-6 kills streak. The insane rate of fire coupled with a gigantic magazine is always a force to be reckoned with.

The best way to acquire that weapon is to sprint ahead and camp the warehouse building, lying in wait for the first enemy to try to grab the weapon. After picking them off, the M249 is for you to grab. If you want to take it outright, feel free. But remember that the gun is in the open – just make sure that at least some of the enemies are not there when you grab it.

Maxresdefault 4
M249 and how to use it

Once you have it, keep calm and just play normally. You would probably win any duel using the M249 since just a quick spray of bullets would be enough to delete anything. This gun covers most of your right side view, however, so its best that you make sure there is no chance for the enemies to make use of that.