The PMCO 2019 is coming to the final phases, starting on July 20. Three Indian teams, Team Soul, TeamIND and Indian Tigers, have fought their way to gain the right to attend the finals in Berlin. However, it seems that they are having trouble with applying Visa to attend the LAN tournament. The professional Indian PUBG Mobile player Mortal revealed this information on one of his Youtube video.

Mortal also said in the video that the Visa problem occurred mainly because the Indian Government does not have a department to support the Esport scene, which makes competing Esport oversea hard for young Indian pro players.

Pubg Berlin Soul Mortal
Team Soul won the right to the Global Finals as the India Regional champion

Team Soul still has some more time until July 26 to re-apply Visa, since they were the regional champion of India. However, TeanIND and Indian Tigers, who went 2nd and 3rd, need to take part in the Prelims of the PMCO on July 20, which means not any of them will be able to attend to Berlin on time. Although they can still play the Prelims from the NODWIN office in Delhi, they will have to suffer a massive disadvantage, the high ping.

1560594358 Pubgclub12
The teams who play at Berlin will have ping advantage over TeamIND and Indian Tigers

The long-distance between EU and India might cause TeamIND and Indian Tigers to have something around 200-300 ping. In such an intensive and competitive tournament like this, having that kind of delay is an almost guarantee lost for any team.

The PMCO 2019 Prelims consists of the best PUBG Mobile teams around the world such as Team Secret, Purple Moob, Pittsburgh Knights,... 16 teams will compete against each other to pick out 5 winners who will take part in the Global Finals. After that, 16 finalists will start playing on July 26 to determine which team is the best.