PUBG has a lot of different offers for people with different devices. For the best experience with realistic physics and graphics, you can play PUBG Steam version on PC. If you only have a basic laptop, PUBG Lite is available with almost the same gameplay and graphics as the original. If you want to spend your spare time with your smartphone, PUBG Mobile is there for you. And recently, they even released PUBG Mobile Lite, a toned-down version of PUBG Mobile for people with budget smartphones, on Google Play. Guess what! It topped as the most downloaded game on Google Play in India within just three days.

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PUBG Mobile Lite holds the top spot after three days

As of Tuesday, PUBG Mobile gained 10 million downloads. While the number is not nearly as big as PUBG Mobile, it's still very impressive.

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PUBG Mobile Lite makes the PUBG battle royale experience more accessible

Built with Unreal Engine 4, PUBG Mobile Lite has the same gameplay as PUBG Mobile while only requires 2GB of RAM and 600MB storage. The only real step down of this version is the graphics, the resolution in the game along with the many visual effects and textures was reduced.

Each game will only last for around 10 minutes with 60 players in a smaller map of 2x2 size. Currently, there are only one map and 2 modes, Classic Mode and War Mode, in the game. As for now, PUBG Mobile Lite is still in the early stage of development so we can expect that more gameplay features will be added to the game later on.