The PMCO 2019 Global Finals has come to an end with Team Top Esports won the championship and takes home $180,000. Team Soul only got the 12th place, but they were still no doubt the most favorite team in the whole tournament with 70% people predicted them to win on Twitter and Soul Mortal being the fan-favorite player of the tournament.

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Team Top Esports won the PMCO 2019 Global Finals

The PMCO 2019 Global Finals was a successful tournament thanks to amazing plays contributed by the best PUBG Mobile teams all around the world. Here are 3 of the most unforgettable moments during the 3 final days.

1.TES kKsKr cleared Team RRQ on his own

This is definitely the best moment in the whole tournament. Three players of TES were down, and TES kKsKr was the only survivor, hiding behind the smoke on the second floor. The house was surrounded by team RRQ and it seemed that it was the end for kKsKr. However, he took advantage of the smoke and took down the whole team and survived with merely 10% HP, securing the second place for his team.

2. Soul Owais suicide nade

Owais was trying to throw a nade toward LASHIN, who was pushing his compound. Unluckily, the nade hit the wall and stayed in the room. But that was not everything, LASHIN knocked Owais after that, not knowing the nade was in the room. And the result was, he got knocked by that very nade just the moment he climbed into the room while Owais crawled outside. Later on, team Soul pushed the compound and successfully saved Owais.

It was such an unexpected turn that no one could have ever imagined and it surely has given all the casters and viewers a good laugh.

 3.Team RRQ took on 2 squads at the same time

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Team RRQ was stuck between 2 other squads

In a match on Miramar, the circle hit a hard spot where Team RRQ was stuck between Team BTR and Team ELG, and Team RRQ had no place to escape.

However, RRQ's Earnny has shown his great skills with SCAR-L and knocked down 2 BTR players, forcing them to stay in their ground while his teammates were dealing with team ELG. In the end, they won the match and got fourth place in the PMCO Global Finals.