Team Soul (that includes popular PUBG Mobile streamer Mortal) from India has made a great run in the tournament. They are a new group that was just formed last year - it is definitely a surprise that they got into the finals of the tournament.

Placed 12th on the leaderboard, there is a lot of potentials still to be realized in them. This is going to be just a minor setback and SouL will definitely come back stronger in the future.

On the first day, we saw some incredible gameplay in all the matches. Team SouL did pretty well at the start, but due to some minor setbacks, they earned only 25 points. They ended the tournament with 181 total points. They will definitely come back in the next split and claim the finals.

Team SouL entering the arena:

Introducing Team SouL from India

According to an ongoing poll running on Twitter using hashtags, about 70 percent want Team Soul from India to win.

Team SouL is definitely the audience's favorite - with over 70% hashtags on twitter.

It gets better for them on the second day – they managed to score a Chicken Dinner in the tenth round on Erangel, plus a runner up in the sixth round, also on Erangel.

Mortal from Team Soul giving an interview about their win on round 10 of Erangel Map.

MortaL from team SouL answering an interview after their victory in round 10

In day 3, despite the overwhelming odds against them, team SouL still tried to do their best. The crowd is always on their side, with over 70% of the votes maintained at all times.

The fan-favorite, team SouL from India

Here are some of the best highlights from team Soul in the Finals.

The final standings of the tournament:

1564331932 Table
Overall Standings of PUBG MOBILE OPEN 2019, with TOP esports claiming the victory