PUBG Mobile has always been introducing a lot of interesting features to keep players entertained. In the last time, they gave us blossom trees at various places on the map where players are rewarded with many items. And now, in season 8 update, we have Excavate sites instead. By going to these locations and tap the Excavate button, you will receive an item every time you use the function until the button disappears, even level 3 gears or the Flare gun. Here are the top 8 locations where you can Excavate in PUBG Mobile.

Ferry Pier

Pubgmobile Excavate Pubgmobiletips Top 8 Locations
You can find Excavate spot near an island near Ferry Pier

The first spot I would like to tell you is on a small island near Ferry Pier because people don't come to this place very often, and most people don't even aware of its existence, making it perfectly safe for you. The island is small so you will be able to find it easily next to a wooden tower.

Novorepnoye Radio Tower

Pubg Mobile New Excavate Location Level 3 Items Fl

This is another spot that people rarely come, the Radio Tower near Novorepnoye. Novorepnoye is a big city in the East of Sosnovka Island.  However, for most of the time, people love to land on Military Base instead of this place. Go to the West of this city, high up on a mountain, you will find a huge Radio Tower with an Excavate site under it.


Top 10 Excavate Locations In Pubg Mobile New Secre

There is another excavate location in the Ruins, well-hidden in an ancient building next to the river. No one can ever find the spot here to loot items.


Pubgmobile Excavate Pubgmobiletips Top 8 Locations

This Excavate site lies in Prison, a favorite landing spot of many people. Also, this spot is in an open space, next to the small tower uphill so you might want to kill every other player here first before you can take the items.

Mylta Power

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The last spot is inside Mylta Power, under a nuclear reactor. You can find it right next to the tree inside it.