In the last two day, 16 PUBG Mobile teams from around the world have been fighting against each other to be one of the 5 teams who will join the PMCO 2019 Global Finals. After 12 games of intensive actions, we have determined which teams will enter the final stage, which teams will go home. The teams who are qualified are Purple Mood, X-Quest, Team Queso, Top Esports, All Rejection Gaming.

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Unfortunately, 2 Indian teams didn't make it

As for the Indian teams, they had a wonderful performance despite their ping disadvantage due to the Visa problem.  Indian Tigers got the 6th place and Team IND got the 12th place. It was such a shame that Indian Tiger was just only 10 points away from being at the 5th position. However, I think that they did the best they could in this situation and they should be recognized for their effort. Here is the complete standings list of the PMCO 2019 Prelims.

The PMCO 2019 Prelims standings list

Let take a look at some of the interesting facts in the Prelims:

-Paraboy, a player from team X-Quest, killed 37 players, dealt 8495 damage, and performed 11 headshots, far exceed everyone else.

Paraboy is the best player in the Prelims

-Out of 12 games, team Purple Mood and X-Quest won 8 games in total, both teams won 4 games each. Both teams had an insane number of kills.

-While X-Quest and Purple Mood had the same number of wins, X-Quest had much more kills than Purple Mood. And yet, Purple Mood still had the most total points and secured the first place.

-Although team Top Esports didn't win a single game, they had the third-highest kills of all.

-Team From Hell was disqualified because they missed their flights to Berlin twice and didn't respond to any attempts of contact by ClubOpen Officials.

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The Global Finals will start on July 26

As 16 teams for the Global Finals have been determined, the PMCO Global Finals will be held at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, Germany from July 28 to 30. Stay tuned to see which team will become the ultimate champion of PUBG Mobile Club Open.