Vincent Wang, Global General Manager of PUBG Mobile, made an announcement that this year the battle royale game, which receives highly worldwide adoption, is partnering with The Walking Dead, a TV show from AMC. At the global finals of PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open) held in Germany, Berlin last week, Wang, on behalf of the firm, disclosed this news.

Vincent Wang announced the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and The Walking Dead

There is no information about this new mode of zombie horde that has yet to be revealed by Wang, except for the announcement. In the short clip that was presented during the finals, a zombie is moving toward a helmet on level three that was left on the coast.

Pubg Mobile The Walking Dead
PUBG and The Walking Dead Cooperation

There are already two modes of zombie in PUBG Mobile, which are “Survive Till Dawn 2” and “Darkest Night.” In a previous crossover event, PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 had reached an agreement that introduced a few peculiar zombies in the mobile game. However, until now, there has been no certainty about the way the partnership between The Walking Dead and the game will work. Whether we can take on the role of the movie’s iconic characters in this new model is still a question. Before the company reveals more about the collaboration, everything will still be uncertain.

Pubg Mobile Erangel2 2
Erangel Map on PUBG Mobile will receive a visual upgrade

In addition to the new mode of zombie, Wang also mentioned the visual upgrades of Erangel map. A short clip at the finals showed the comparison between the present status of different areas, such as Yasnaya, Mylta, and Power Prison, and their upcoming appearance with upgrades in the graphic. In recent time, there was also a visual update in Erangel map of PUBG’s PC version; therefore, the mobile version receiving a similar upgrade is nothing strange. There is no more information about the map that has yet to be announced and we also have no idea when the upgrade will take place.