Fortnite has become PUBG's equal after just a short period of time. This explosive growth triggered PUBG devs and lead to a lawsuit aimed at Epic to claim that they are copying PUBG's model illegally. They were going to duke it out, however, other things happen. Due to the conflict of interests at the time, PUBG Corp. sued Epic Games over the similar designs between their two games. However, PUBG Corp dropped that lawsuit after awhile. They realized it is not going to pass because there is no basis.

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Pubg and Fortnite were not always friendly to each other

Things are great between the two companies nowadays. Epic Games is actually one of PUBG Corp's best buddy, as they have collaborated a lot of times. There would definitely more opportunities in the future for them to work it out.

Bluehole, PUBG's parent company, has an ongoing licensing agreement with Epic for its Unreal Engine, which the studio uses to create PUBG itself. Furthermore, both PUBG and Fortnite are partly owned by Tencent, the Chinese giant.

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Who would win between the two giants of the battle royal genre

PUBG Corp. does understand that they should not copy everything from Fortnite, especially their latter structures of seasonal passes. However, he did admit having taken a few notes from how Fortnite developers have been doing so far – stressing that “all games should learn from each other”

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PUBG's next season is here, with a lot of additions and balance changes

Insisting that his game’s formula is uniquely crafted. Corrigan discloses more about the process of creativity inside the dev team and how many features of the game are the sum of various sources.

PUBG has just started its fourth season with a revision of its original map Erangel, coupled with a paid pass. Fortnite’s 10th season is also almost here.