The current CS:GO standings

Today, July 08, HLTV has updated their CS:GO rankings. The results came mostly after ESL One Cologne 2019 with many teams back to the scene and some dropped out.

Csgo Standings See 01
Team Liquid can be satisfied with their current performance

ESL One Cologne featured almost all the top 15 teams in the world at the moment. The tournament only saw G2 and North missing as they did not get an invitation or qualified to play. Instead, we got the #17 Heroic and #30 BIG with decent results.


The tournament marked the return of ENCE, Natus Vincere, and Renegades after quite a while of inactive. MVP PK was also a less established team as compared to the usual Tyloo qualifier from Asia. The tournament concluded with the trophy for Team Liquid. However, Vitality displayed a great performance throughout the series and earned their points accordingly.

The emerging ships

The CIS squad - Na`Vi

Natus Vincere is obviously the team who enjoyed the recent ranking most. They went inactive for while a while with the departure of Edward and addition of boom. The CIS giant almost won the tournament champion, Team Liquid, in a Bo3.

Csgo Standings See 02
Natus Vincere made their debut with Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov

They managed to make it to the semi-final before eventually losing 1 more time to Liquid there. With convincing victories over the likes of NiP, mousesports, and FURIA, s1mple and Co. well deserved a spot in the top 10 once again.

The Baguette - Vitality

Vitality overtook the #2 position in the world after defeating ENCE handily in a bo3. They managed to defeat the likes of Astralis and NRG with the shining performance from Zywo0. The young star received the MVP award for his efforts and dedication

The #2 North American team - NRG Esports

NRG took the spot of the European mix after making the playoffs. FaZe got a disappointing tournament when losing to their direct rival NRG and mousesports. They dropped to #6 spot after that.

Csgo Standings See 03
NRG also made their debut with stanislaw

The deteriorating ships

The Finns – ENCE Esports

The Finnish squad was once ranked #2 in the world got a bad tournament when losing 2 series in a row. They crashed out of the tournament after losing to Heroic and Vitality. As a result, they lost their #2 position to Vitality and dropped down below Astralis.

They seemed to be inactive for too long. The IEM Katowice Major finalist should prepare themselves well ahead of Berlin Major if they want to make a miraculous run again.

The Danish giant – Astralis

Astralis’ rifle – Dupree confirmed they are no longer the best in the world. After a convincing performance in group stage, Astralis lost to Vitality on Dust2 and Overpass. Though they rose in ranking at #3, surpassing ENCE, this was actually a downgrade.

Csgo Standings See 04
Astralis will have to work up a scheme to claim back their throne from Team Liquid

The once invincible Danish powerhouse is no longer unbeatable. They lost to NRG last tournament and then Vitality. The most dominant era in the history of CS:GO has finally ended.

Shaky all-star squad – FaZE

FaZe has been struggling recently after the addition of NEO. The superstar admitted their map pool was the problem. They could not fix it in a short span of time and eventually lost to mousesports in the knockout match.

Berlin Major is just ahead, the European all-star squad should work up ways to improve their CS if they want to stay relevant to the top-level scene.

The Struggling Brazilians – FURIA and MIBR

FURIA got 2 good tournaments recently but it seemed they lost the surprise factor. They were no more a threat to top teams, getting crushed by Natus Vincere. As a result, they dropped 1 rank from 7th to 8th.

Csgo Standings See 05
FURIA needs to invent more new stuff to take the world by a storm again

MIBR also got a disappointing tournament. Even with the recent addition of LUCAS1, the Brazillian powerhouse couldn’t win against less established teams. They crashed out of the tournament after 2 losses against fnatic and BIG. MIBR is now #13 in the world, much worse than their potential.

The stable champion – Team Liquid

Team Liquid even since bringing in stewie2k has improved so well. They started winning tournament after breaking the curse in IEM Sydney. They went on to win 4 consecutive tournaments to claim the Grand Slam title worth $1 million.

Csgo Standings See 07
Team Liquid was so convincing in the tournament

Team Liquid now sits comfortably on top of everyone. They are definitely #1 in the world now, no one can deny it. However, the question is how long will it last. Can they manage to shape their own long-lasting era?