Balance the scale

The allegedly "overpowered” AUG in CS:GO has received nerfs recently on June 18. The nerf brought the much-needed balance to the game after so many complaints have been made about the scoped rifle. Since then, AUG has dropped significantly in popularity and use in pro scenes.

The most evident example was the ESL One Cologne which took place recently from July 2 to 7. Throughout the tournament, pros would go for the scoped rifle only 4.86% of the time. In contrast, M4A4 was the favorite alternative to the once heavily favored AUG.

Drastic Shift In Csgo 01
There is a big shift in the use of guns recently

How serious were the nerfs?

The patch on June 18 delivered the two lines:

— Slightly reduced rate of fire.

— Reduced accuracy while unscoped.

They did not specify the extent of the nerfs. However, after some pro players tried the gun, many concluded it was so bad.

It seemed like they were forced into using it due to the meta. After the nerf, many people cheered for it and got back to their favorite M4A4. Many people felt that AUG was not a good choice to demonstrate their skills.

The meta seemed to shift when people found out that the equivalent rifle for T-side - SG 556 - was a good replacement. The T-side scoped weapon is much cheaper and offers better accuracy when going into duels.

The first to adapt to the change were FURIA and Vitality. They have been really quick to realize the potential of the gun.

Drastic Shift In Csgo 02
The Brazilian squad was quick to realize the potential of the SG 556

Yet the SG 556 use was just 11.45%. AK47 was still the favorite due to its cheap price and headshot capacity. Moreover, The rifle helped the pros to demonstrate their skills when going into duels.

Coming up

Berlin Major is coming up. Major tournaments are the most important events each year, which mostly determine every team's place in the CS:GO scene. With the recent meta changes, we will get to see great shifts in teams' standings in CS:GO scene. Stay tuned for more, Berlin Major is just over the horizon.