Global Esports

Global Esports is an international Esports organization that is based in India. They currently field 10 rosters in 7 Esports titles like Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG, and Fortnite. The organization was originally founded in August 2017 after hosting the Dota 2 TI7 Pubstomp in Mumbai.

Global Esports Roster 03
Global Esports fields rosters in the most competitive Esports like Dota 2, CS:GO, and PUBG

Global Esports would then enter the field and acquire rosters in Overwatch. With the intention of talent incubator, the organization continued the growth and opened training facilities for their squads. Most recently, In Mar 2019, Global Esports announced their CS:GO roster for India with the help of Rahul 't1to' Sridhar.

Since then, their CS:GO team worked hard to make it to the top level of competition in CS:GO just in a short span of time. Recently, they have attended many big tournaments in the domestic scene, most notably ESL India Premiership 2019 Summer Finals. Here they got the chance to face the best teams in India like Signify and Entity.

Global Esports Roster 02
Global Esports squad got the chance to play against top teams in Indian Esports scene

With promising results and a great effort from players, Global Esports looks to grow and expand their CS:GO and Dota 2 roster’s power. They have announced roster changes, bringing in young talents to boost their potential.


About the CS:GO squad, they decided to bring in the power of young AWPer “Norbu ‘Karam1L’ Tsering from the team MaG PuneF1ve. As Global Esports states, “He’s young, hungry and pumped about starting this season for Global eSports.” With that, their active roster now fields: Bhavin "HellrangeR" Kotwani - (C) Rahul 't1to' Sridhar Tejas "Rex" "Kotian Sagnik 'Hellff' Roy Norbu ‘Karam1L’ Tsering Saharyar "BadmaN" Shaikh

Global Esports Roster 01
Global Esports CS:GO squad will look to improve their results and contend at the top level

Dota 2

They would like to add a minor change to their Dota 2 squad. With that, their current Dota 2 roster now features: Omkar "Pasoll" Urunkar - Position 5 (C) Raunak 'Crowley' Sen - Position 4 Darshan "A35" Bata - Position 3 Jeet "Swifty" Kundra - Position 2 Balaji "BlizzarD" Ramnarayan - Position 1.

Global Esports Roster 04
Global Esports Dota 2 team will look to raise some eyebrows

With that, Global Esports would like to part ways with their 2 former members Vishal 'haivaan' Sharma (CS:Go) and Akshay 'ZxC' Dhodi (Dota 2). They hope to improve their competition with these roster changes. With these additions and the recent disbanding of Signify, Global Esports would very likely be a top contender in Indian Esports scene.