Public argument

Twitter is a social platform where you can freely express your idea and hold conversations. However, a recent conflict took place publicly right here staring Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire.

Pro Csgo Players At 01
Twitter seems to be the favorite place for players to vent the frustration

S1mple, arguably the best CS:GO pro player till now, got into a battle of words on Twitter. The Vitality Frenchman apex was the one who started it first.

In a Tweet yesterday, apEX seemed to get angry at the CIS squad Natus Vincere.

Pro Csgo Players 01
The conflict started

Regular scrim is a normal activity in professional CS:GO. Teams with good intention of learning and improving will join up and play training matches.

However, things seemed to fall through when Natus Vincere failed to show up in time.

Pro Csgo Players 02
It all started where Natus Vincere showed up late for the scrim

When one team show insufficient willingness to do scrim matches, getting frustrated is a normal reaction. However, apEX went a bit too far when called s1mple “biggest retard on earth”

apEX seemed to have overreacted to s1mple’s reply. The Natus Vincere star later noticed it and explained his way of expressing “sorry”

Pro Csgo Players 03
s1mple had to explain his expression

The situation would then clear up, no player meant anything too serious.

The Tweet was later deleted on the Twitter of apEX. However, this was not the first time these 2 players got into conflict.

It happened before

S1mple was once labeled “immature” and “unprofessional” during his early career. He was once very straightforward with his words and a bit bad-tempered on social media.

Time has changed and s1mple has grown up quite a lot. He is nowadays a well-mannered person in CS:GO as a professional Esports player. His approach toward matters on the public media has been more reasonable this time.

However, situations like this would not benefit CS:GO scene a little bit. Players in conflict should resolve the problem in private or directly, not under the microscope of social media like this