The very nature of video games

Pc games or video games in general are a combination of codes and graphics bits joined together. The experience and play we enjoy in each game require hard work from developers to make it work.

Csgo Still In Beta 01
After all, video games are just pixel pieced together

Since games are often complex, bugs tend to prevail. A game will always contain bugs and glitches regardless of how carefully made the game is. Developers can only reduce parts of the most serious bugs in their game. Making a game free of bug is impossible.

To reduce bugs, it is often advisable to improve your prevailing product rather than making a new one. Yet in the competitive Esports CS:GO, the Devs were too hasty to implement a new map into the competitive scene.

Csgo Still In Beta 02
Is Vertigo a good choice for competitive CS:GO?

Is Vertigo a rushed map?

Recently we got to see the addition of Vertigo in CS:GO big tournaments. However, the map seems edgy and unstable with too many objects and spots.

The map has a unique feature. As it takes place on top of a skyscraper, players who slip off the edge of the map will find themselves in a free fall.

Csgo Still In Beta 03
The map takes place on top of a tall building, scary for people with acrophobia

Recently, there was one bug with such the situation. He fell over when trying to jump over to the other side of the map. However, the player was alive and shooting, he even walked around to discover a whole new world.

We are still not sure if the bug is intended or not. The player took zero damage from the fall and could even get a kill. He faced another Terrorist there and fired off his AUG. Two players in the same game did this exact bug but received no harm from the fall.

Csgo Still In Beta 04
Another Terrorist tried to replicate the bug and it worked. he survived the jump

Many players assumed it was a pixel bug where he managed to land on a pixel and was safe from the jump. It was like he hit a spot to “surf”, moving fast on a smooth terrain off the wall of the building.

Possible explanation

Others even proposed the possibility of “edge bug” where you fall off an edge to land on some “hidden” terrain under the map. This is a really popular glitch in another FPS title, CrossFire. Yet CS:GO is an entirely different game, it should not be possible.

Csgo Still In Beta 05
The edge bug is really common in CrossFire

Valve should detect and fix this as soon as possible. The bug provides a serious exploit to the game where players can disappear from the map without a trace. They can save their guns in unwinnable situations.