“Dark side” of CS:GO

As many people have not realized, CS:GO does have a “dark side” where you get to see it real “dark”, well, literally.

CS:GO has been famous for its competitive scene. The game is arguably one of the most watched Esports in the world. The game gets countless tournaments each year, featuring prize pool ranging from thousands to hundred thousands of dollar.

Csgo Custom Map 04
CS:GO is arguably one of the most successful Esports

People would enjoy CS:GO for its great competitiveness and unpredictableness. The game can change drastically from one moment to the next with just one crucial kill.

Other than that, CS:GO as an FPS casual game still fascinates people and attracts a lot of players. We can play casual, ranked match or practice with friends. There are two most played map categories: Bomb defusal maps and hostage rescue maps.

Csgo Custom Map 05
We have hostage mode in CS:GO

Custom maps

However, hardly anyone would recognize the existence of custom maps in the game. This requires a deeper understanding of the game as custom maps are most often modified and submitted by players. The custom map section is where players can freely shape their own favorite map. They can create an adventure-like map or some funny look building terrain to fight in. If you are into horror, this map right here is the great choice for you.

Death Of The Dream - a CS:GO custom map

The map is called Death Of The Dream, pretty “dark” I guess? The map is set in a house where light periodically turns on and off. Here you get to see some strange-looking antique and blood-stained floor.

Csgo Custom Map 01
Expect some surprise for yourself

There is even some strange noise in the map, provoking some chaos.

Csgo Custom Map 06
What is that face in the red screen?

Also, the unstable lighting in the house can give you the creep.

Csgo Custom Map 02
A picture featured in the map

However, the real scary factor will be in the real match. Imagine you face the opponent in such a creepy house with the light turned on and off, what how would you react.

Custom map in games

Custom maps like these should be more popular in our favorite FPS game. There was one time where custom maps in Warcraft 3 breathed life into the whole game. Custom arcade in Dota 2 also gave us the greatest strategy game of the year, Dota AutoChess.

Csgo Custom Map 07
AutoChess is one of the best custom game in Dota 2

If you are curious and want to find out more about CS:GO custom maps, you can try to find some interesting map in the Workshop of CS:GO. Then you need to extract the map to the “maps” folder of CS:GO.

Here is the tutorial to install custom maps

In the main client, open console and type “map”. That would launch you to a fun and exciting adventure.