Destined rivalry

CS:GO ESL Pro League season 9 Finals has witnessed the fated match between Finn "karrigan" Andersen and his former teammates FaZe Clan. The two teams were on the upper bracket to compete for a ticket in the semi-finals

Under the leadership of karrigan, mousesports swept FaZe within just 2 maps, Train and Vertigo.

Revenge For Karrigan 01
Chris.J displayed stellar performance to help mousesports win 2-0 over FaZe

New project

karrigan was on the bench of FaZe Clan ever since the team fell into a shaky time in the late of 2018. They had no choice but opting for a drastic decision. The Danish was released from contract later in March and found his new home in mousesports.

Since then, karrigan assembled a whole new squad, recruiting young names like Özgür "woxic" Eker, David "frozen" Čerňanský to mix a team with Robin "ropz" Kool and Chris "chrisJ" de Jong. The team found their way back to the top-level competitive scene just shortly after that.

Revenge For Karrigan 02
mousesports rose again after a recession in early 2019

Most notably, mousesports won DreamHack Open Tours 2019 over Valiance. The Danish player then got a chance to taunt his former teammate - NiKo - the cousin of Valiance's Hunter.

“That is the first Kovac gone, coming for the next”

Now that the two teams got the chance to fight against each other, karrigan proved himself well with his new teammates.

Revenge For Karrigan 03
The second Kovac has fallen, but not gone yet

Interview with karrigan

Aftermatch, karrigan got an interview about the team’s recent success, how he worked with the coach to improve this young team and expectations for the upcoming matches.

How sweet is the taste of revenge?

He expressed his joy when defeating FaZe. “It feels really good to win against your old teammates. I had the same feeling when I joined FaZe and played against Astralis, but I'm sad it wasn't a knock-out game.”

Revenge For Karrigan 04
karrigan once wore the jersey of Astralis

The Danish IGL was once kicked by Astralis. After that, he joined FaZe and got immediate success when defeating the Danes with his new teammates. The story seemed to repeat itself.

Tough opponents ahead

However, karrigan also shared that his bracket is now extremely harder with Liquid and Astralis finding their ways through Quarter-finals. They are now the top 1 and top 2 teams in the world. Still, karrigan said he was happy to have proven themselves well against the #6 team, FaZe.

Revenge For Karrigan 05
They proved well against FaZe even though being a relatively young team

Talking about his current team, karrigan said the team is “pretty structured compared to his old FaZe lineup”. He felt excited when coming to the team with his old friend Christ.J. Also, the names on the list were young ones, giving much room for the Danish IGL to craft his own ideal squad.

Valuable help

karrigan talked more about the coach in mousesports, Rejin. He has known Rejin on a personal level since CS 1.6. The coach helped to bring new stuff to the table with his experience. He also helped to correct many mistakes. That gave karrigan big help in managing the team, give him enough time to focus on his own individual performance.

Revenge For Karrigan 06
Reijin helped karrigan much in managing the team

Upcoming matches

Mousesports has reached semi-final in ESL Pro League. They will play against either Astralis or Liquid on June 22. This is considered a tough matchup for mousesports since Astralis and Liquid are now the #2 and #1 team in the world. However, the two teams have displayed inconsistency lately.

Revenge For Karrigan 07
The two beasts awaiting karrigan and Co.

karrigan said that his team would come to the match as underdogs and have less pressure to perform than normal. They would try to have fun and try to see how far they can reach with their current performance.