Not many upsets like ECS

The first day of CS:GO ESL Pro League closed with Astralis’ total dominance, NRG’s hard-fought upper bracket ticket, 2 dogs eliminated.

The 16 teams event conceded with no much surprise with its start.

Epl First Day 02
2 dogs were eliminated

A total of 8 Bo1 and 4 Bo3 were played on the opening day of the event.

Epl First Day
First day's results

During the first matches, the only upset matches were between North and Liquid, Mousesports and MIBR.

North managed to upset Liquid

in the opening match, the Danes managed to win 16-13 on Dust2 over the current #1 team in the world. It was not a strong map for the North American or maybe they just wanted to warm up before going head-to-head against the Danes’ final boss, Astralis?

Epl 01
JuGI is the missing piece for North

Liquid is currently top1 in the world and they kept up a really good performance for quite a while. However, North marked their comeback with the recent addition of JuGI, claiming back their top 10th position in the leaderboard.

Mousesports overwhelmed MIBR

On Inferno, Mousesports displayed a flawless performance when going on an 11 concussive streak since they were down 2-6. MIBR managed to steal 2 rounds away from Mousesports. That was immediately replied with one courageous decision from Chris.J to push through smoke, nailing 2 kills on the A bombsite to open the path to victory.

Epl First Day 03
Chris.J did a great for securing victory for his team

MIBR fell apart and accepted defeat, losing 9-16 to the European mix.

Fnatic won over Grayhounds 2-0

Fnatic lost in the opening match against NRG on Nuke 13-16. The Swedes quickly regained control and went on to the next match.

Epl First Day 04
The Swedes survived the first day with at least one victory

JW and Co. met with great opposition from Grayhounds but managed to close out the match in two maps, 16-11 and 16-13 on Dust2 and Train.

Cloud9 dismantled DETONA 2-0

The North Americans fell into a state of distress when they lost in the Minor qualifier and missed the chance to attend Major.

Epl First Day 05
Autimatic proved himself consistent enough to stabilize his teammates

However, their skills are still considerably high compared to the Brazillian team. They won 2 maps 16-4 and 16-9 on Dust 2 and Mirage.

Astralis dominated their compatriots

Astralis seemed to get back on their feet with a comfortable victory in the opening match against Cloud9 16-9. Dev1ce and Co. walked on to face their Danes brethens, Heroic on two maps, Vertigo and Inferno.

Epl First Day 06
Astralis came back strong as ever, showing dominance in the group A

They displayed flawless performance, only dropping 7 rounds in each match.

The next day of ELP event will see more interesting bo3 matchups. Stay tuned for more of the highest level of CS:GO competition