Who made it to top five?

Winning CS:GO tournament not only credits players with reputation but also adds a few numbers to their bank account. To give an example, Astralis Counter-Strike team had an outstanding performance from 2016, especially in 2018. For all these achievements, they are now the eleventh highest earners in all esports titles. Meanwhile, Virtus.pro seems to go down the track with their collapse in the same year. However, even with the worse performance compared to the past’s, what Virtus.pro CS:GO team players have done are still very impressive.

Here we have the list of highest-earning CS:GO teams of all time.

Highest Earning Csgo
Top Five CS:GO Highest Earnings Teams


Ranked fifth on the list is Virtus.pro, which has earned up till now a total of $2.6 million from 133 Counter-Strike tournaments. They did get the most successful season in their history in 2017. The team won major tournaments, claimed Majors and even played some real football. They received a total of $2.6 million by winning several titles such as DreamHack Masters Las Vegas or The Summit 7. Following that year, Virtus.pro experienced a gloomy season in 2018. Their earnings ranked last in the top 5 highest earning teams, while 2018 was a blooming tournament with every other team on the list.

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To pick out who’s the best Counter-Strike team of 2018, it is definitely Astralis. Despite not taking part in lots of competition, the Danish team speaks for themselves in every tournament. Astralis ended up the first position in several events including DreamHack Masters Marseille, the Esports Championship Series Season 5 and the ESL Pro League Season 7. They also earned a huge prize worth $675,000 by winning LAN tournaments in 2016. Astralis remains the highest earnings team on CS-GO earnings list up until 2019, with a total of $6.5 million. The money comes from 67 tournaments that they have been through.

Fnatic, FaZe Clan and Natus Vincere

The second, third and fourth place of the list, respectively, do have impressive performance. However, it’s still not enough to exceed the overall prize money of the DOTA world, mostly coming from The Internationals. Fnatic has earned above $3.4 million from 173 CS:GO tournaments. However, their DOTA divisions also did great jobs when contributing to the total earning of Fnatic organization, making them rank 5th on the list of the highest overall earning organizations. In the meantime, CS:GO side of FaZe is really promising with three times the prizes they have got from Call of Duty. FaZe received a total of $3 million from 74 Counter-Strike tournaments.