Team Liquid has finally made it. They have successfully taken over the title of the number one CS:GO team from Atralis.

Team Liquid has beaten ENCE in the grand final. They didn’t have the chance to hoist their trophy even though they had a 2-1 victory at DreamHack Masters Dallas because UPS couldn’t deliver it in time. However, they did actually get the $100,000 prize along with the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team title.

Dreamhack Masters Dallas Png
The event where Team Liquid accumulated enough point to exceed Astralis in HLTV ranking

After over a year (406 days to be precise) being the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, Astralis have been robbed of their prime position. While Astralis didn't spend much time attending as many events of the top tier, Liquid grasped the chance to outrun Astralis.

Team Liquid Win Dreamhack Masters Dallas To Take N
Team Liquid with their victory in Dreamhack Master Dallas

However, Team Liquid did not just close the gap, with the victory they got in Dallas, they had enough points to take the #1 team title away from Astralis. Although not many actually consider this as the “era of Liquid”, it’s still a really good chance for team Liquid to build up their name as well as confidence, and carry on the region's rise.

Nonetheless, Not everybody accepts the ranking result. A considerable number of CS:GO fans claim that they only acknowledge Liquid as the best team once Liquid manages to defeat Astralis on a more consistent basis. Those fans strongly believe that Astralis’ strict decision to choose the events to attend is definitely a right they deserve. They stated that the team should not be punished for it.

20180520 Helena Kristiansson Epl Dallas 05256 0
Team Astralis got so many trophies in their bag yet they let the #1 position slip away

Obviously, when other teams still compete against one another almost every week, there will definitely be changes, especially in points. Furthermore, events in the past will eventually be left out of the current algorithm. That results in success in the past fading away in ranking systems.

Astralis got the chance to redeem themselves in ECS season 7 Finals but crashed out of the tournament losing to FURIA. With the disappointing result, the team's points and ranking will drop even more. They will have to wait until ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals on June 18 to make a comeback. Liquid, on the other hand, get another event on the upcoming June 13. This will mostly guarantee Liquid enough point to extend their lead against Astralis.

Regarding everything above, both sides of the argument have their own point of view towards the issue, and not everyone needs to agree.