In CS:GO, we recently see the decision from Na’Vi to replace Edward, the longest member in the Ukrainian squad with younger talent from Winstrike. Also, FaZe Clan made a questionable signing of NEO, a 31 years old veteran famous for his time in Virtus Pro.

With many youngsters entering the scene and every team’s moves to perfect their squad, we can’t help but feel the life of a gamer is short. Our favorite heroes who once carried the team now struggles to catch up with their younger generation. Yet they remain an iconic hero in our memory as a reminder of “the good old days”.

With that, most of our veterans retired or ended up in analytic table or coach. However, some refuse to walk away and hold on to their career. Here we provide you with 5 longtime members of CS:GO who are still competing at the top level of the game:

1.Xizt (born February 22, 1991 – 28 years old)

The ex-NiP IGL has made his move to fnatic as in-game leader. He now fights alongside his Swedish compatriots but under a different brand. Parting ways with his two longtime friends GET_RIGHT and f0rest in February 2018, he moved on to find success in a FaZe but switched to fnatic in June. Here he teams up with the likes of KRIMZ and JW, who were once his best rival in the era of fnatic and NiP in 2013 and 2014. Nowadays, he plays top-level CS:GO with fnatic in some big tournaments and still manage to put his experience to good use for his team.

Top 5 Veteran 01
ex-member of NiP, Xizt

2.GeT_RiGhT (born May 29, 1990 – 29 years old)

GeT_RiGhT has an incredibly long time with his current squad, starting from 2012 when CS:GO was introduced. Since then, together with his longtime friend and teammates f0rest, GeT_RiGhT brought his team to big tournaments and crafted their own era in 2013 and 2014 and event named the best player in those years. However, CS:GO changed with time and he couldn’t retain his top-level performance. Nowadays, he still plays for the squad and manages to get his team to top level competitions.

Top 5 Veteran 02
GeT_RiGhT in his early age

3.RpK (born December 8, 1989 – 29 years old)

French CS:GO scene was great during the early years. RpK was one of those early veterans in the scene. However, he announced his retirement in 2013 as if his journey would have ended here. However, he made a comeback with his compatriots in Vitality ealier in 2018 and are now among the top contenders in CS:GO.

Top 5 Veteran 03
RpK now plays for Vitality, a top team in the French scene

4.f0rest (born June 10, 1988 – 30 years old)

Having his name in most of any GOAT (greatest of all time) discussion, the NiP veteran seems to defies the law of aging. Playing along his fellow GeT_RiGhT through ups and downs, the bearded rifler still retains most of his peak performance after all those years. With the ebbs and flows of NiP, he always remains strong, carrying his whole team through events.

Top 5 Veteran 04
f0rest still retains his top-level performance after all those years

5.Zeus (born October 8, 1987 – 31 years old)

One of the eldest player to feature in the top ten of the current HLTV rankings. Zeus remains the iconic figure for Natus Vincere, one of the organizations with the longest history in Counter-Strike. He managed to win a Major during his short journey with Gambit and stayed in Natus Vincere since then. He now competes in top-level CS:GO alongside the best player in the world s1mple. However, he made an announcement to retire later on this 2019. It would be a sad day where we will no longer see the captain leading the CIS squad Natus Vincere to victory.

Top 5 Veteran 05
Would the icon of Natus Vincere retire after this year?

Among these top veterans, who do you like the most?