Due to Astralis’s absence at large tournaments and the recent succession of team Liquid in tournaments, Astralis may lose their #1place in the HLTV world ranking.

Will the dominance of Astralis end this time?

Since the IEM Katowice by the end of February, Astralis only attended three tournaments with disappointing results. They won only one of the three tournaments, whichwas the BLAST Pro Series São Paulo. The other two tournaments which saw the Danes finish at #2 and #4 were the BLAST Pro Series Madrid 2019 and BLAST Pro Series Miami 2019 respectively. This result together with their inactivity dragged their ranking point from 1000 (maximum point) to 887 on May 27 and can get even lower after the ranking update on Monday, June 03.

Liquid is on a high chance to dethrone Astralis

Meanwhile, Liquid has participated in a total of 5 tournaments with very positive results. They won the 1st place at IEM Sydney 2019 and ended up 2nd at three other tournaments. Therefore, the ranking point of Liquid has skyrocketed from 477 to 779.

Although at the moment, Astralis is still at the top of the HLTV world ranking, there is a high possibility that their place will be taken over by Liquid on 3rd June. Now that they have won the Dreamhack Master Dallas, they stand more chance to claim the #1 position in the world. The HLTV ranking will be updated on today, June 03, and the point ranking will be added and subtracted accordingly.

Meanwhile, ENCE is also a potential competitor to Liquid and Astralis

With the recent impressive success in IEM Katowice Major 2019 and victory over Astralis in BLAST Pro Series Madrid, ENCE also emerged as a contender for the #1 ranking as well. Though they are a little behind with just 603 points, their performance in tournaments was excellent. Liquid and Astralis may feel the need to extend their lead to ensure their ranking position.

Stay tuned for the update on HLTV ranking on June 03 to expect a drastic change in the world ranking. If Liquid accumulates enough points to exceed Astralis, the Danish era will end after more than one year.