Recently, the Flash Gaming has dissolved due to the move of YuanZhang “Attacker” Sheng and YuLun “Summer” Cai to TYLOO. After the team came to an end, Endy, the founder of the team, also made some announcements relating to the organization and, above all, revealing some scandals of the CS:GO scene in China.

Surprisingly, the official website Weibo in Chinese was not where the announcement was posted, but on Reddit instead. Reddit user InXaneGZ posted an English translation of it and you can see it here.

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This statement comes with Endy’s own story. He used to be participant in many CS competitions, but somehow he did not have what it took to make it to the top. In the end, he managed to build his own team and went professional in the esports industry. In 2017, he collected a team of the greats with Summer (formerly known as fancySummer), AttackeR, and LOVEYY and invested $1.8 million CNY (about $260,000 USD) to have them on his team: Flash Gaming. 

TYLOO and Flash Gaming are 2 most famous CS:GO teams in ChinaOne mistake of Endy was he did not study the real situation in China. There are, according to him, “unspoken rules in the industry that are shocking and unheard.”. He listed out some scandals like cheating, match-fixing and even problems with LANs. The major incident above all relating to some teams trying to manipulate the server.

“I have even heard that some teams pay around tens of thousands (in CNY) for the GOTV IP that allows them to spectate 10 players on the server with zero delays in online matches, and claim that they can win or lose according to their wish.”

It is such a shame that due to the discrepancies in its regulation, the Chinese CSGO scene did not improve to its fullest form. Beside TYLOO and Flash, sadly, there are not many teams that can compete at the global level.

Together with this reveal, the incident of Optic India caught cheating on LANs makes the future of Asian team gloomier in CS: GO. Endy also mentioned that in the international scene, if Asian teams want to make their names marked, they have to be more attentive to the situations.

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