The famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive YouTuber Zuhn, whose channel got more than 350k subscribers has been hit with VAC bans from Steam in his two accounts.

Suspected Ban 01
Zuhn got banned in two of his accounts

Every game has its own ways of protection against cheat. CS:GO on Steam has its own VAC (Valve’s Anti Cheat) system to ensure no cheater prevail for too long. The VAC works like regular anti-cheat by scanning for suspicious behaviors in-game or sometimes just issues massive bans for a large number of players.

However, bans can also be justified through a system called “overwatch” with which other players can skim through the replay of the game to collect evidence of cheats. In this case, it is very likely that Zuhn got the ban from such system.

Csgo Youtuber Banned 02
Is this a justifiable ban?

There were accusations of cheating aimed at Zuhn in the past, with which he uploaded videos of real cheating in-game. It stands to reason that many still suspect him of using the cheat.

After getting the game ban from Steam, Zuhn could only think the main reason that some false overwatch bans were issued against him.

Zuhn made videos of CS:GO, mostly consisting of clips and highlight of him jumping around while shooting, which is called "bhop" or bunny hopping. He made it out of sheer recreational purpose, with lucky shots to kill the opponent while jumping around randomly. Many people find it interesting and subscribed to his channel, making it a considerable CS:GO content Youtube channel.

Csgo Youtuber Banned 05
Bunnyhop in CS:GO

However, with the ban still effective, we have yet to see if Zuhn will get his VAC lifted if it turns out to be a false accusation.