One big tournament going on

The recent CS:GO event, ECS Finals Season 7 2019 has come to an end with surprising results. Vitality showed dominant performance to win the event after defeating FURIA 2-0. Before the last match against Vitality, FURIA managed to make an impressive deep run by defeating North and most notably, Astralis in a convincing Bo3 series.

Here we will make a recap of the event for you who missed it. The tournament is thrilling to watch with the emerge of the Brazillian squad FURIA.

Ecs Season 7 01
A surprising event


After a long time off, Astralis came back in the first day of ECS with an upset loss against FURIA on Nuke, their sacred territory. It didn’t take long until the Danes came back with a dominance against NiP on the second day. They dismantled NiP effortlessly, winning 2 maps dropping only 11 rounds. However, things got shaky for the once considered best team in the world where they faced FURIA once again in a best of three series. The result was quite disappointing, they crash out of the series with 2 map losses to FURIA, Mirage and Nuke once again.

Ecs Season 7 02
The Danes failed to produce a good result against the Brazilians

This could be contributed to the stellar performance of each team member of FURIA, putting up a high number and winning crucial rounds.


MIBR, another favorite to win the tournament, got quite a bad event as the Danes. They lost the opening match against North in a very questionable fashion. The Brazillian got off to a big lead, 14-3 but choked hard and let the game slipped away after 3 overtimes.

Ecs Season 7 03
The Brazillian squad fell under the surprising power of the young talent oBo

Before the event, the Brazillian squad displayed a flawless performance against Liquid twice in a row to win both ECS season 7 North American week 5 and 6, just enough money point to qualify for the ECS finals. Things got shaky as they lost the Train map pick to Complexity in the elimination match. MIBR managed to come back in the second map, Vertigo only to lose 14-16 in Mirage. Defeated 0-2, MIBR finished the tournament last together with NiP.


NRG, on the contrary, displayed impressive performance against top teams. In the opening match, they defeated NiP after being led 5-10. Later on, Tarik and Co. managed to take down FURIA 2-0 in a convincing fashion, advancing to the semi-final. However, they eventually fell down to the Frenchmen 0-2 in Overpass and Mirage, finishing 3rd in the tournament.

Ecs Season 7 04
Showing good number against FURIA, NRG had to settle for 3rd place after losing to the eventual champion Vitality


North showed their great potential with the addition of JUGi. They managed to upset MIBR and defeated Vitality in a Bo3. However, they were surpised by the up and coming squad FURIA in the semi-final where they lost 0-2.

Ecs Season 7 05
Valde and Co. was surprised by the Brazillian squad and eventually fell down


Complexity exceeded their expectations, managing to upset MIBR in a Bo3 on Train and Mirage. This was the first tournament the North American squad played with an up and coming 15 years old talent Owen “oBo” Schlatter. The youngster put up a stellar performance for his experience, topping the chart with 1.37 rating against MIBR. This seems to be a promising start for the young talent.

Ecs Season 7 06
The youngster got a good first LAN experience

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas probably got the worst matchups where they faced one of the heavy favorites for the tournament in the elimination match. The Swedes fell down horribly in the Bo3 against Astralis, scoring only 11 rounds in 2 maps. In the opening match against NRG, they also lost the game after a 10-5 lead. Not a good event for the Swedes.

Ecs Season 7 07
the Ninjas did not start off on the right foot


FURIA probably was the most mentioned name in the whole tournament. They managed to pull off the unimaginable feat, winning Astralis not once, but twice on Nuke. People can’t call this a fluke bo1 when they managed to defeat Astralis convincingly in Mirage and Nuke. They exceeded everyone’s expectations where they also beat North 2-0. However, Vitality is still something too much for the up and coming Brazillian squad. They eventually fell down 0-2 to them in the grand final.

Ecs Season 7 08
arT got quite emotional after they secured victory over Astralis


Vitality was perhaps the most cheered team in this tournament. They got off to a good start, defeating Complexity comfortably on Dust 2. Later on, they showed consistent performance against the like of Complexity, NRG and eventually FURIA to win the tournament. There were so many crucial situations where each team member of the Frenchmen stepped up and saved the round.

Zyw0o was the most shining star in the team, topping frag every game and eventually scooped for himself the MVP trophy. ALEX and apex also showed good individual performance, helping Zyw0o carrying the game.

Ecs Season 7 09
The Frenchmen added another trophy to their collection

Change in the overall ranking

With that, the HLTV ranking changed thanks to the performance put up by the 8 teams.

Ecs Season 7 10
Liquid still retained their top position

  • Liquid was inactive during the time of ECS, losing 4 points from the maximum 1000. The change was insignificant.
  • Astralis got a disappointing tournament and did not gain many points.
  • ENCE and Vitality remained the same, but the Frenchmen were able to close the gap, as they are now just 7 points apart from the Finns.

Ecs Season 7 11
ENCE need to prove themselves more to secure their #3 position in the world

  • FURIA made a huge jump in ranking, from 11th position to a comfortable 5th place where they are 50 points above FaZe.
  • NRG manged to claim their 7th position after their decent performance against top teams.
  • North made a comeback to top 10 teams with 327 points.
  • Complexity made it to the top 30 again after a long time struggling to find decent success.

The rest remained the same for inactive teams, they only dropped their ranking as FURIA, NRG and North climbed the higher in the ladder.

What is coming next?

Moche XL Esports 2019 will be coming next on June 15 with FURIA being the only team in the top 5 list. The event also features good names like BIG, GamerLegion,, and Windigo. Each name on the list has good potential to upset any team. The event would be exciting to watch. The tournament offers $75,000 for the total prize pool.

Dreamhack open summer 2019 features the less known teams like AVANGAR, Aristocracy, Optic or CR4ZY – Valiance & co. rebranded. These teams play good CS and have really good upset potential. The tournament has a prize pool of $100,000.