After the list of Top 5 Veteran Players Who Are Still Competing At Top In CS:GO, here we provide you with another list of young talents putting great numbers in the top level of CS:GO

Robin "ropz" Kool – Estonia – DOB: 22 Dec 1999

Ropz Plays In The Role Of A Rifler
ropz plays the role of a rifler

ropz quickly became famous after the FPL system in which he performed so well that he got accused of cheating by some seasoned professionals. In the end, he proved his abilities thanks to a live trial at FACEIT studios. Ropz took advantage of this and joined the mousesports, a professional German gaming organization soon after that. In the team, he became one of a key part of the short title-challenging spree.

Jere "sergej" Salo – Finland –DOB: 1 Mar 2002

Sergej Has Been Active Since 2015

SergeJ has been active since 2015

This rifle is one of the rising boys of ENCE when he came right to the final round of the Katowice. Though sergej had quite poor individual performance, he did roar back with a 1.15 and 1.2 rating against his top-tier rival.

Mathieu "Zyw0o" Herbaut – France – DOB: 9 Nov 2000

Zywoo Has Been Active Since 2016

ZywOo has been active since 2016

A team of French guys came back along with much excitement from the audience for the Vitality project, however, it is this young AWPer of the team who helps the whole team shine. Last October, the organization joined the CS scene and took more than a month to realize that Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer should be benched. At the moment, the team is entering the top ten team of the world with a 1.43 K/D since the end of the year.

Tsvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov – Bulgaria – DOB: 7 Dec 1999

Cerq Is Playing For Nrg

CeRq is playing for NRG

One of the reasons for the impressive rise of CeRq as an AWPer is the growth of NRG from online-based crushers to valid threats at LAN finals. For the moment, what we can notice from CeRq is his instability on the main stage, as in the most recent showdowns with Fnatic. However, with his potential, he will join up with top-tier CS sniper veterans in no time.

David "frozen" Cernansky – Slovakia – DOB: 18 Jul 2002

Frozen Is Playing As An Entry Fragger

Frozen is playing as an entry fragger

This Slovakian is another talent from mousesports that became the most unverified prospect in the list. He rose after posting great numbers with GUNRUNNERS and NoChance. Since then, he has been quite impressive with an eye-popping +52 K/D on 9 maps in Sydney. He also performed well in the Pro League group of mousesports and in ECS Season 7.