Recently on Reddit, a user has published some interesting facts for the market of CS:GO. According to him, Valve has spent more than $45 million on the CS:GO skin-making business. That figure is reported to come from "publicly available data."

CS:GO has a unique cosmetic system.

You can find more than 180.000 entries submitted on CS:GO workshop, but only nearly one percent were approved by Valve.

The statistics also show that if skin makers submitted their work on Wednesday and Thursday, they are more likely to be accepted, because 39 percent of the in-game cosmetics came on these days. However, Monday and Tuesday don't seem like the lucky days for submitters because the percentage for their creation making it to the game only stays at 20.

Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the lucky days for skin makers.

Currently, CS:GO has 349 different in-game cosmetics. Valve only chose 130 lucky creators to bring their work into the game. The most successful cosmetic creator is no other than Coridium, with a collection of 18 weapon skins along with the famous Asiimov set, including skins for M4A4, AWP, and AK-47 - the most popular weapon-choice of players. For some reason, Coridium seems to be inactive as we've not seen anything from him since 2016.

Asiimov - one of the most popular in-game skins.

In CS:GO, there are many types of cosmetics with unique in-game ingredients. The market began with only guns and knives. But in 2016, gloves were added to the game by Valve, and quickly became one of the luxurious in-game skins in CS:GO.

Specialist Gloves Emerald Web: over $750

By the way, Valve seems to have some plan to launch other customize options. There is a lot of items in the game that are changeable, such as C4 or player outfit. Other successful titles like Fornite have witnessed a massive increase in their number of players, just by allowing their clients to customize almost everything in their games.