CS:GO is all about information. With a right call from CT-side, you can stop a rush from Terrorists with timely rotation. With the intelligence gathered mid-round, Terrorist can choose the right time to push into a bomb site with least casualties. However, how can you know where and when to do the push?

Like any other FPS titles, CS:GO is a fast-paced video game where everything happens in a matter of seconds. Therefore, you need both visual and sound cues to gather information about the enemy. Something you can’t see can be heard. Footsteps, scope clicking, bomb plant/defuse sound, door/vent breaking, all contribute to the information you can gather with your own ear.

Csgo Script Deaf Player 01
Hearing is so important that every CS:GO player needs a decent headset

A fundamental part

Unfortunately, heavy reliance on sounds in-game has made it almost impossible for hearing-impaired players to play CS:GO well. They would be missing out a huge part of the information. Yet again, the CS:GO community has been impressive to create a helpful script for them.

Csgo Script Deaf Player 04
There is a solution for players with hearing problems

A CS:GO player iDexCS has made a script configuration to help deaf players identify footsteps in the most convenient way.

Aside footsteps, the config also sets up text when there is any trace defuse or bomb plant nearby. The script can prove to be a crucial part in helping the hearing-impaired users play the game better. The script is legal and can be used by anyone.

Currently, there are many pros who have their hearing ability reduced. These include Keith "NAF" Markovic from Team Liquid, Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga from MIBR and Svyatoslav "svyat" Dovbakh from DreamEaters. The list may go on but they never gave up on gaming. Hopefully, the script can assist them well in their career.