CS:GO is a heavily team-based Esports. As information in the game is really important, communication is a crucial part of the game. One misinformation can lead your whole team to dead traps laid out by the opponent. Important as communication is, we have one almost half-deaf IGL to lead one Russian CS:GO squad to this year’s Starladder Berlin Major 2019.

90 Def Csgo Player 01
The half-deaf CS:GO player will still go for it in the Berlin Major Qualifier

Svyatoslav “svyat” Dovbakh currently plays as the In-game Leader and rifler for DreamEaters. The squad has gone through the StarLadder 2019 Minor Play-in to qualify for the Major. They are now fighting for their last chance in the New Challengers Stage.

90 Def Csgo Player 02
DreamEaters will fight for the last chance to book a ticket to Berlin Major 2019

According to DeKay, a popular CS:GO source of information, DreamEaters.svyat is 70-90% deaf in his left ear. This means his left ears is almost nonfunctional. svyat would have hearing difficulty and maybe even misinformation. Yet he still took on the role of IGL for DreamEaters. His callouts worked well to bring the squad to the 2-2 pool, the last tickets to the main events.

Great inspirations

svyat said he was inspired by Fernando “fer” Alvarenga from MIBR and Keith “NAF” Marković. These 2 players are playing the top level of CS:GO while having the hearing loss. Recently in late 2018, fer revealed he had been playing with 1 ear for a long time. MIBR has reached great success during their peak time in 2016 and 2017.

90 Def Csgo Player 04
He has been playing with one ear this whole time!

In 2017,NAF also revealed he had a “moderate to severe” hearing loss which came as a problem for the rifler. Yet he stuck together with Team Liquid and finally claimed the throne for themselves. He is the prime example of player fighting on even with problems.

90 Def Csgo Player 03
NAF also has a hearing problem

DreamEaters will fight against Forze today to claim a ticket to the main event of StarLadder Major 2019. Will he make it with his teammates? Will they write the dream story to make it all the way to the Major? Only time will tell.