After a long break of more than 3 weeks, the competitive CS:GO scene has come back with the Starladder Berlin Major 2019. The second Major this year takes place in Berlin, Germany. After a long time waiting, the Berlin Major has delivered many surprises in just the Main Qualifier.

Csgo Berlin Major 2019 01
The current standings

Huge upsets

The CS:GO Starladder Berlin Major 2019 kicked off on August 23 with huge upsets. The #2 team in the world, Vitality lost 8-16 to the rookie CIS squad Syman on Dust2. NRG, the #6 team in the world tried to bring the game to overtime after a huge deficit of 6-15. However, NRG eventually lost 17-19 to DreamEaters on Overpass. Needless to say, this messed up a large part of Pick’em Challenge for everyone.

Csgo Berlin Major 2019 03
Natus Vincere members messed up big times when doing the Pick'em Challenge

DreamEaters continued to deliver another upset after winning Vitality 16-14 on Inferno. Meanwhile, Syman knocked out the #9 team in the world – FURIA to eliminate the last hope of Brazilians besides MIBR. The two lowest-rated CIS squads did outstanding jobs in delivering the upsets. However, the next 2-2 round will be the real acid test to pass the New Challengers Stage.

Current standings

mousesports and North were the first to qualify for the main event with 3 straight victories. G2, NRG, and Cr4zy were the next with 3 wins and 1 loss. Tyloo and INTZ went 0-3, eliminated in the third day. The last hope of Asia CS:GO, Tyloo crumbled before G2, NRG, and Complexity. FURIA, Complexity, and HellRaisers came next with 1-3.

Csgo Berlin Major 2019 04
The last hope of Brazil in the New Challenges Stage had to stop their run

The last chance

With that, the last 6 teams will fight for the last ticket in the 2-2 pool. Winners proceed to the next stage, losers get eliminated. The matchups are as follow:

Vitality vs. Grayhound

AVANGAR vs. Syman

forZe vs. DreamEaters

Who do you think will qualify for the main event of CS:GO Starladder Berlin Major 2019?