The attendant list was completed with the result of the Berlin Minor play-in. DreamEaters, North and INTZ grabbed the last 3 tickets to the Berlin Major 2019. MVP PK lost the last ticket to the Major after losing both matches against North and INTZ. This year will be a competitive year for CS:GO with Astralis no longer reigning supreme in the scene.

Csgo Berlin Major 09
INTZ is the last to qualify for the Berlin Major 2019

New Challengers Stage

According to the Major rules, 16 qualified teams will battle it out for the tickets to the new legend stage. They comprise of 6 teams who made it to the top 16th to 9th last Major would earn the status Challengers and go straight to New Challengers Stage.

Csgo Berlin Major 01
6 teams who finished 9-16th in the last Major would go straight to the New Challengers Stage

However, Cloud9 has gone through a drastic roster change and failed to keep at least 3 members of the last Major. Cloud9 lost the privileges of qualifying for the New Challengers Stage and had to fight their way through the Minor. Unfortunately, they lost in the process and was ruled out of the tournament. The ELEAGUE Major 2018 champion is the first big name that is missing out the Major.

Csgo Berlin Major 02
The former champion at ELEAGUE Major 2019 is missing out this Major in August

The tournament also saw fnatic missing after losing to both CR4ZY and mousesports in the Berlin Minor 2019 Europe. Obviously, the Minor in this region is among the hardest ones. Teams who reached this stage were all around the top 30 in ranking and had high upset potential.

Csgo Berlin Major 03
This time, fnatic is missing out the Berlin Major 2019

Even North, who was ranked #10 in the world lost to both CR4ZY and mousesports. The #2 Danish team had to seek another opportunity in the Minor play-in to get the last ticket to Berlin Major. BIG, who made it to the play-offs in FACEIT Major 2018, was also eliminated after losing 2 matches in the group stage.

The New Legend Stage

The 8 teams who made it to the playoffs in the last IEM Katowice Major 2019 would go directly to the New Legend Stage. They had earned their Legend status and got a free ride to the main event of the Major. 8 best team from the New Challengers Stage will fight for a ticket to join with the 8 Legend teams to qualify for the playoffs of the Major.

Csgo Berlin Major 06
8 teams in the New Legend Stage

The Berlin Major will take place roughly before the end of The International 2019. More specifically, the Challengers Stage will take place on August 23-26, Legends Stage on August 28 to September 01. The Champion Stage will go on from September 5-8.

Csgo Berlin Major 05
Before this big stage, who will hoist the trophy?

With the last performance in big tournaments, Team Liquid is currently the prime candidate to go for the Major champion. However, Major is where most upsets and unexpected events happen. Most teams have one month break to get some rest and practice before one of the most important events in CS:GO.