In a recent announcement, ZOWIE has revealed the format for qualification rounds at EXTREMESLAND. While there are some noticeable changes in comparison with the previous events' format, CS:GO players from Indian should notice that they no longer have a dedicated qualifier.

The upcoming event for CS:GO pro scene will play out in November 2019.

More specifically, the South Asia Region now has a single slot to compete. So, CS:GO squads from India have to fight for the only ticket to EXTREMESLAND against other teams from Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh. This could be a significant change since Indian teams used to have a separate qualifier.

The LAN qualifiers format should be the answer to this decision from ZOWIE. If qualification rounds take place on some online platforms, the best server to hold the competition is probably Singapore. Without question, all countries mentioned above could suffer from delay and packet loss while playing on Indian servers. That should be the disadvantages that no team wants to have.

All teams from the South Asia Region will participate in the same qualifier, including Indian squads.

This change could have some negative impacts on the Indian CS:GO pro scene, which is slowly but steadily developing. ZOWIE might have considered this a must-do step as they want to avoid the same incident from happening again. Last year, a player named "forsaken" from Optic India qualified from the Indian Qualifiers using cheat. He managed to get away until the 2018 Shanghai's LAN event, where he finally got caught red-handed.

Seems like the qualifier for South Asia will be interesting to follow.

Now with only one slot available for all countries in the South Asia Region, the race for the key to EXTREMESLAND 2019 should be more exciting than ever. The Main Event will play out from 14th to 17th November. Let's see if any Indian squad could make it to the event, or being able to recover the Indian CS:GO pro scene's reputation.