There are still tons of players fond of zombie-fighting games right now, and they're very likely to remain the same in the future.

Zombies are scary but funny at the same times. Most of us have very beautiful memories of grinding together in the street of the infected in Left 4 Dead 2. And even though not as many people enjoyed the single-player experience of running and killing zombie, there are still a bunch of games that provide intriguing plots.

So, why don't we name some of the best titles in this genre?

1. The Last of Us

Supported platforms: PS4

Release date: 2013

Let's start this list with a narrative one with a humane story. The Last of Us has made fans shed their tears many times, not only by PS4 its exclusivity but also for its story.

Top 5 Zombie Games 2
The Last of Us

This game takes the settings in the post-apocalypse world, as humankind has been struck with an infectious disease. Hence, they are desperately trying to find a cure while keeping away from the infected. Those ones with signs of infection have to live in the quarantined areas, far away from the safe zones. They also have to suffer from strict martial law.

Top 5 Zombie Games 3
Featuring the sickest-looking zombie ever

Joel lost his daughter when the wave of fungal zombie plague comes. When it seems that he lost his final light, life has given him Ellie - a beautiful cute girl. On one of his illegal transmitting mission, a woman required him to deliver Ellie to the "unsafe" zone. That's when the touching story of humanity began. Together, both Joel and Ellie fixed their mental loss, and find out the real meaning of this life.

Top 5 Zombie Games 1
Ellie could be annoying, but she protects you when you're in danger

I won't go too deep on the story in case anyone has never heard of The Last of Us. However, I can spoil a little bit: Ellie has an ability to immune to the zombie plague - which makes her the most special creatures at that time. You can figure the rest of the story by playing it right now!

Speaking about the gameplay, The Last of Us features the hybrid experience of stealth action, shooting and smacking, as well as some truly terrifying moments. In accordance with the story, the gameplay matches perfectly. You'll have the most realistic experience of surviving in this zombie world!

Top 5 Zombie Games 4
The game features realistic gameplay and a deep story

The Last of Us 2 is coming very close, so let's take times to find out what happened in this first installment!

2. Days Gone

Supported platforms: PS4

Release date: 2019

The next one on this list, Days Gone, is another PS4-exclusive title. But don't give up yet, as this will be the last title with exclusivity state for this one.

Top 5 Zombie Games 5
Days Gone is only available on PS4

Days Gone tells the story of Deacon St.John in the plagued land of Oregon. His wife - Sarah - was stabbed and kidnapped away, so he must take on the journey in this dangerous land to get her back. Luckily, he's not alone, as Deacon has his best friend - Boozer - alongside him.

Although it's not highly rewarded like The Last of Us regarding its story, it still consists of some fascinating plot twists. Most of them will be there to portrait the usual distrust for the government - which is very common in zombie games. But trust me, your experience in this game is nothing like what you've got earlier.

Top 5 Zombie Games 7
This game consists of some fascinating plot twist.

Its gameplay is quite similar to the previous title in this list. You can either take down the zombies - called the Freakers - by stealthily smack them from the behind or shoot them down in the face-to-face battles. Thus, this is a rare zombie-fighting game that features an open world that allows you to go everywhere you want. And as the map is quite big with many factions, Days Gone give you a trusty motorbike.

Top 5 Zombie Games 6
You'll have your trusty allies on your side

If you can't get yourself a PS4 to try this title, Youtube has never been a better place. However, I think Days Gone is definitely a must-try if you can afford it!

3. World War Z

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release date: 2019

World War Z (WWZ for short) is the first title in this list that features multiplayer experiences. It's based on the 2006 novel with the same name that has a movie adaptation in 2013. Hence, you can expect a lot of things from this game visuals.

Top 5 Zombie Games 8
WWZ features great visuals

Considered as the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2, World War Z's gameplay looks very familiar. To be more specific, it's basically a third-person shooter that let you co-op with your friends in the fierce battle with a horde of zombies. The fights will take place in totally four places, including Moskva, New York, Jerusalem, and Tokyo.

Regarding your play style, you can receive your own title. It varies from the Gunslinger (shoot the most zombies with guns), Hellraiser (blow out the most zombies with explosives), Fixer (fix the most things, including guns and items), Medic (heal the most out of the teammates), Slasher (kill the most zombies with melee weapons), and Exterminator (the best ones when it comes to crowd control).

Top 5 Zombie Games 9
You'll get the matching achievement with your playstyle

And you will receive those achievements real soon. The games can bring up to 1000 enemies on your screen at the same time. If you're playing on a low-end PC, it might blow up your whole experience. So, be sure to check the requirement before diving into this world.

Top 5 Zombie Games 7
Up to 1000 zombies will fill up your screen

The story of this game is nothing comparing to the novel and the movie. Nevertheless, you can figure out some parts of the whole pictures by completing the missions. Those missions also vary from mere fighting to escorting.

If the lack of zombies in The Last of Us or Days Gone is not enough for your skills, then let's invite your friends to play World War Z in a cozy Friday night!

4. Dying Light

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release dates: 2015

Another open-world zombie-fighting game, but surviving in Dying Light is much harder than World War Z!

Top 5 Zombie Games 12
Dying Light

Dying Light is the product from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, featuring the journey to the safe zone of Kyle Crane. Like other survival zombie games, your job in this game is to find a cure to the plague, and you can experience a bit of plot twist along the way to the Middle-Eastern city of Harran.

Its story is quite fascinating, but you can experience that later. Let's speak about the gameplay - where Dying Light shines.

Top 5 Zombie Games 11
Its gameplay is very unique

Dying Light features a day-and-night mechanics, in which the behaviors of the zombies are different. Specifically, zombies are much more dangerous at night, as they will crawl to you with its horrifying sounds. Also, you don't have much ammo, and most of the time you'll have to deal with them with melee weapons. Hence, it's highly recommended that you try to avoid them if possible.

Top 5 Zombie Games 10
Most of the time you'll have to use your melee weapons

However, if you really have to encounter those infected ones, you can use your own weapons that you've crafted. And when the struggles come, you can still rely on your insanely fluid parkour mechanic.

As Dying Light 2 is coming out in 2020, there's still plenty of time left for you to crawl in this world.

5. The Walking Dead

Supported platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release dates: 2019

This franchise is too famous not to mention in this list. Even when you haven't heard of this name, The Walking Dead is still a great zombie game to try on your devices.

Top 5 Zombie Games 15
The Walking Dead - a product from Telltale Games

The story of this game starts Lee, a former lecturer on his way to the prison to slay his target. However, without the notice from the driver, a zombie sprint out of the car and you'll be the first one to get in the face-to-face battle with a zombie.

Top 5 Zombie Games 14
What would you feel if a zombie sit next to you in a car

Later on, you'll make friends (much more like adopt) with a young girl named Clementine. That's when you lost your role of the main protagonist, as the girl will be the heroine for the rest of the series.

Top 5 Zombie Games 13
Clementine will be the main heroine of the whole series

If you've watched (or read) the entire series, don't leave out yet. Your experience in this product of Telltale Games is decently different than what you've got on the big scenes.

The Walking Dead is a heavy story-driven title, in which you'll have to interact with other characters to build relationships. However, there will definitely be one that you don't like, and you'll have chances to get rid of them. The game features some serious quick-time events where you can easily kill any characters you want.

Top 5 Zombie Games 16
Don't like them? Just let them die!

The game also has a selective story-telling technique, which will end up with a much sadder ending.


There you have it. Above are the best zombie games that we think you shouldn't miss!

However, there are a lot of other great titles out there, so if you think we've missed anything, please give us a pinch!