The game Dying Light 2 has just revealed some really cool details about its zombie mode. This new title is developed by Techland Publishing, published by Square Enix will not only be featuring a lot of iconic actions in a zombie game but also including some things really new. The first thing comes from the developer of the game. Techland Publishing is known for a lot of awesome slashing, slaying, and kicking, and of course, this game developer will bring its iconic features into its new title. But that is not everything yet.

Dying Light 2

In E3, the director of this game project Marc Albinet had an interview about Dying Light 2. And in this interview he revealed a brand new twist for his game: if you are infected in Dying Light 2, you have to stay in the light all the time if you want to stay alive. This could be a whole new way to develop plots for this game genre.

“As soon as you’re infected and you go in the dark… in fact, you need to be under a UV light to stay – I’m going to say – “normal,” Albinet says. “So as soon as you [spend] too much time in the dark, which means during the night or inside Dark Zones, then your level of infection will rise.”

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Dying Light 2's director Marc Albinet

Marc Albinet continued to explain this zombie transforming mode. He said if you are infected, you will be much stronger, faster, last longer in combats. And the more you are infected, the more powerful you will be. However, once you go too far with the infection level, there is no going back. At that point, you will be turned into a zombie.

Nevertheless, this might not be the game over. When being asked if the game would be over in that situation, Marc Albinet said

“Close to… yes.”

“So it’s not game over?”

“No, let’s say it’s game over.”

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Dying Light 2

Marc Albinet denied confirming what would actually happen if you die in the game. Look like we will have to wait until the game is officially released to know what would actually happen. Techland Publishing promised that you will miss haft of the game’s content if you only play Dying Light 2 once.